A word of thanks for a world of support

From the ad manager’s desk

A word of thanks for a world of support

Thank you to our advertisers over the past year, and to all of you who have supported our advertisers.

Advertising accomplishes many purposes. Its primary function is to promote products, services, events, places or things. It also makes it possible for us to bring you, the public, the latest news and sporting events. It helps to pay for the cost of covering both local and regional events and activities, including speech, dance, Cowley Pioneer Day, Byron and Mustang Days, graduation, senior citizens, clubs, church, sporting events such as Regionals and State and much more. It helps us bring you the latest town, county, state and even some national news on a wide variety of topics.

Marwyn Layne Advertising Manager
Marwyn Layne
Advertising Manager

It also covers the cost of publishing this newspaper. There’s the cost of computers and software, cameras with special lenses, printers, copiers, office supplies, building overhead, a vehicle and much more. Then there are wages for those who cover and write about everything, proofers, sales, office, people to build ads and do layout, someone to bring it back from the press and a crew to put the sections and inserts together after they are brought back from the press. The press – that’s another necessary expense.

And besides that, advertising works for our customers. Survey after survey has shown that newspaper advertising is the most effective way of reaching a local audience. Nothing pleases us more than seeing our local businesses prosper in our community.

We are limited on what is available to us here, but our local merchants have an amazingly wide variety of products for our convenience. They are approached several times every month for donation requests for various causes in our community and schools. They give as generously as they can, but it is difficult when so many buy elsewhere. And there is nothing like the personal service a customer can get from a local business.

As we begin 2016, let’s not take a chance on losing the conveniences we have left. Before leaving town, explore what’s available locally, many times for the same price or less. Call our local contractors for your next project. Check out our great medical facilities. It pays to support those who support us throughout the year.
It also saves you a day of your valuable time and all the extra
expenses that go along with it.

And as we end the year, we thank our loyal readers who love their community and support this newspaper.

May you all have a wonderful 2016. Thank you again and
remember: a hello, a smile, a wave to someone can make any day better!