GoFundMe effort started for Rocky student with medical problems

Fifteen-year-old Macey George, a student at Rocky Mountain High School, is best described by her friends and teachers as a peacemaker, hard worker, dedicated student, loving family member and friend. She is also a young girl facing a serious medical disorder that will affect her the rest of her life. George was diagnosed  around nine months ago with a rare brain tumor know as craniopharyngioma. The tumor is growing at the base of her brain, creating a number of associated medical problems that are expected to continue the rest of her life.

Earlier this year, George underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Though it is benign, it has malignant tendencies that include attaching itself to everything around it, like her pituitary gland, optic nerves and hypothalamus. For George, that means she will need to take several lifesaving medications to replace the hormones that the pituitary gland made before it was affected by the tumor. And since the tumor also affects her hypothalamus gland, it will also affect body functions like mood, body temperature, hunger and energy. The tumor has a high rate of re-growth and George will require very expensive MRIs the rest of her life.

When Julia Crosby, Macey’s former fifth-grade teacher, heard of her situation she wanted to help and came up with the idea of starting a GoFundMe online fundraising campaign. She started the campaign with the goal of raising $25,000 to help Macey’s family (which includes six additional children) with the ongoing medical expenses connected to her medical condition.

Macey George
Macey George

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money to help with challenging circumstances like serious illnesses.

Crosby, who also calls herself the George family’s “self-appointed fan club president,” started the fundraising effort only a few short weeks ago and has already raised more than $4,000 through 44 people who donated through the site on the girl’s behalf.

“I got the ‘golden ticket’ per se to teach Macey five years ago in my fifth- grade class at RMES,” said Crosby.  “Lucky me. She’s a student not easily forgotten, but rather easily remembered for her kindness, courage, faithfulness and sparkle.

“I really just saw a need and knew that our community could help in a big way for this family who gives so much to everyone all the time. This campaign has brought many more merry moments to Macey and the Bret and Rachel George family already and in turn is bringing about many more merry moments to those who are thoughtfully and generously giving to this site.  It has been so touching and greatly appreciated thus far and will continue to be a great blessing as donations continue to be made to the site and offline as well.”

To make a donation, or to learn more about Macey’s situation go to www.gofundme.com/t66s8hrw. Donations can also be sent to P.O.  Box 36 Cowley, WY 82420,  but should be addressed to “Make More Merry Moments for Macey” c/o Julia Crosby.

Crosby can also be  reached by email at crosby.jewels@gmail.com or by phone  at  272-7913.

By Patti Carpenter