Hobby joins staff at NBHH Clinic

A new medical provider, replacing longtime nurse practitioner Mary Freund, brings a wealth of experience to her new job at the clinic at North Big Horn Hospital. Similar to Freund, Lisa Hobby began her career in medicine as a nurse, but later returned to school to advance her education, to become a physician’s assistant.

Hobby lives in Powell, most recently practicing at the Billings Clinic in Cody.  She has also practiced medicine in Powell at Powell Valley Medical Center. Her combined experience as a nurse and a physician’s assistant spans a period of about 30 years, with experience very similar to Freund in women’s health and general family practice.

Hobby started her new job at NBHH on Monday and is already seeing patients she worked with previously in Powell and Cody. In fact, she said it was one of her patients who suggested she apply for the provider position at NBHH.

Lisa Hobby
Lisa Hobby

“One of my patients moved to Cowley recently to be near family,” explained Hobby. “She heard there was an opening coming up and told me I was needed in Lovell.  She said it was a good place for me, so I looked into the job.”

Hobby had been working closely with a particular physician in Cody who was about to retire, so she said it seemed like a logical time to make a change.

Originally from, Nashville, a town of about 500 located in Indiana, Hobby graduated from nursing school in Indiana in 1986. She came out to the West to work as a nurse at a hospital in Yellowstone National Park, which she said was a pretty exciting environment in which to find herself in her first job as a nurse. She later went to work as a nurse in Cody, where she met her husband through a friend. Though from Montana, when given the choice, he picked Wyoming over Indiana to settle down with his new bride. The two have lived in Wyoming since and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends school in Powell.

Acting on the suggestion of a physician colleague, Hobby attended college at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and became a physician’s assistant, graduating from the program in 1994.

Though very similar in scope of responsibilities, a nurse practitioner (like Freund) attends a nursing school, while a physician’s assistant (like Hobby) attends a medical school or center of medicine. Other providers at NBHH with physician’s assistant training include Ken Ferbrache and Jack Carpenter.

“We are thrilled to have Lisa join our medical staff at North Big Horn Hospital District,” said NBHH CEO Rick Schroeder. “She brings a wonderful ability to care for her patients in a kind and compassionate manner.

“With Mary Freund leaving we wanted to find someone really good to take her place.  We have very successfully accomplished that goal now that we have Lisa on board.”

Freund’s last day on the job is April 28. A farewell party in her honor open to both staff and community will be held at NBHH on Wednesday, April 27, from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m, in the lobby area of the hospital.

By Patti Carpenter