Szlemko files for Lovell Town Council

The self-described “Lovell town complainer and grumpy old man” has thrown his hat into the ring to seek a spot on the Lovell Town Council.

Jim Szlemko, a frequent writer of letters to the editor in the Lovell Chronicle, filed for office and issued a statement Monday.

Jim Szlemko
Jim Szlemko

“I have lived in Lovell since September 1998 and have attended many town council meetings voicing my opinion and sometimes the opinion of other people that have asked me to speak for them,” Szlemko wrote in his statement. “I am a member of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce and have attended Chamber meetings.

“I often write letters to the editor in the Lovell Chronicle stating my opinions, my experiences and my suggestions for the town. Here are some of my past suggestions for the town:

“Some years ago the state environmental agency turned down Lovell’s request for a burning permit. I wrote a petition and presented it to the town council with over 200 signatures of residents wanting to burn and asked the council to present it to the environmental agency and Lovell received the permit.

“I suggested the electronic sign at the community center when I saw a cardboard box beside the road advertising a wedding reception at the community center. I suggested moving the west end Welcome to Lovell sign, which was repeatedly knocked down from the center of the curve to the triangle where it now stands. I also suggested the yellow flashing caution lights on the west end curves to warn drivers of the dangerous double curve.

“Of course, it was the town council that brought these suggestions into reality with occasional prodding from yours truly that planted the seeds for these actions.”

Szlemko said he will be an independent voice on the council.

“I am not a politically correct person, and I am not beholden to any special interest group or any person and will work for the best interests of all town residents and businesses and will meet with anyone at almost any time to discuss your problems or ideas about the Town of Lovell,” he said. “Remember, this is your town, and the council works for you and I am hoping to earn your vote to represent you on Lovell’s town council.”

By David Peck