Artist In Residence Kit Frost now at Bighorn Canyon

Kit Frost, the second of five 2016 Artists In Residence, will be at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area through July 22, arriving July 11.

Frost is a photographer from Durango, Colo. She prefers to be at a location for long periods of time to truly capture the place.

Kit Frost
Kit Frost

“The luxury of time in and around one location expands my photographic imagery and reflects familiarity, change, an examination of light and time and commitment to be at the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’,” Frost said. “Much of my work is created during extended periods of exploration. Many images in my online portfolio were created while backpacking to high altitude basins and tarns for the joy of finding reflections, experiencing storms and photographing during early and late light.

“Location photography allows me to explore my inner and outer world and create images that speak to my connections to the land and to capture changing weather. Additionally during the residency, I will hone my vision, and with the opportunity for both solitude and community, my subjects will be varied, as I respond to the muses.”

On Monday, July 18, Bighorn Canyon and Frost invite visitors to join her for a photography demonstration at Devil Canyon from 7-8:30 p.m.

“My goal is to help others learn and grow,” Frost said. “I’m experienced in showing others how to see, to explore their place on the planet. And Bighorn visitors will benefit from the sharing of my love for the land, light and geology whenever visitors approach me on location. Bighorn visitors will certainly benefit from personal instruction as I lead a hike to teach how to capture imagery with simple point and shoot cameras at Devil’s Canyon overlook.”

To ask questions or seek additional information, contact Christy Fleming at 548-5406.