Lovell Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year | Bairco Construction honored for entrepreneurial spirit

A local company growing by leaps and bounds that now does work throughout the West was honored with the Lovell Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce Spring Dinner and Awards Banquet Saturday night, March 25.

Bairco Construction co-owners Devin and Stacy Bair were honored during the banquet at the Lovell Community Center.

Lovell Inc. Executive Director Elaine Harvey presented the award and read a short history of the company.

Bairco Construction was established in 2006 by Devin and Stacy Bair. The company experienced steady growth and was named Wyoming Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Administration just five years later.

Stacy and Devin Bair receive the Entrepreneur of the Year Award during the Lovell Area Chamber
of Commerce Spring Dinner and Awards Banquet March 25.
David Peck photo

The company was founded on the philosophy of innovation and good, old-fashioned hard work, Harvey said. Bairco primarily serves the commercial clients including federal, state and local governments. The company has provided services for the Department of Defense, the Microsoft Corp. and many other customers in Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, California and New Mexico.

“Bairco is incredibly proud of the projects they have been able to accomplish with employees who are local to this area,” Harvey noted.

Some of Bairco’s projects have included:

• Demolishing 100 cold war-era nuclear missile silos for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (part of the S.T.A.R.T. treaty between the U.S. and Russia);

• Constructing six fish barriers that serve to protect native species of trout;

• Completing the mass grading work for the new Microsoft Data Center in Cheyenne; and

• Completing site work for the new Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana.

Bairco is currently teaming up with local contractor Miller’s Fabrication to complete a project for F.E. Warren Air Force Base on active Missile Alert Facilities in Nebraska and Colorado.

A little closer to home, Bairco recently completed a new honey processing facility for Zeller and Sons Honey on the Cannery Road just west of Bairco’s own new building.

In accepting the award, Devin Bair noted his entrepreneurial roots that go all the way back to his boyhood when his father, Alan, taught him that he could make much more money with his own company selling pumpkins than working for someone else.

Selling the pumpkins for $1 apiece across the street during basketball games, he said, “I sold pumpkins all night like hotcakes, and I ended up with about $200 in cold, hard cash as an 8-year-old.”

His father let him keep the money to purchase seed for the following year’s crop.

“I really want to credit my entrepreneurial spirit to my father, who gave me that opportunity as an 8-year-old to realize that maybe working for $15 a month wasn’t the ticket when I could go into business,” Bair said. “I did pumpkins for six years, at least.”

He thanked all of the people in the community who gave him the opportunity “as a young kid” to work on their houses and roto-till their gardens using his father’s equipment.

In the meantime, he said, his “partner-in-crime (Stacy)” was also working hard, and he “didn’t even know it.”

“I didn’t get to meet her until later on in life, and we came together to create Bairco Construction,” he said. “Without Stacy I’d still be raising pumpkins.”

By David Peck