Brown reflects on lessons learned in his 100 years in the school of life

Community invited to centenarian birthday bash next week

Brownie Brown will become an official centenarian in the coming week and the entire community is invited to come celebrate his milestone birthday during a special party held in his honor in the New Horizons Care Center multipurpose room on Thursday, Sept. 7.

Brown, known for his vigorous support of local sports teams throughout his life, lived for most of his youth on his family’s 40-acre dairy farm in the Foster Gulch area near Lovell. The family also raised sugar beets, like many farmers in the area, which he recalls was very hard work.

The 1935 Lovell High School graduate was a member of the district’s school board beginning in 1962 and served on the board for 30 years.

Brown said he’s had a good life, much of which he attributes to his strong LDS religious faith. He said though his life was not completely free of mistakes, he made many good decisions that led to a very long and happy life through the guidance of his religious beliefs.

“I’ve made some mistakes in my life, but I don’t think I’d do anything different,” said Brown. “There are things that, if I would have been smart, I wouldn’t have done, but for all of the mistakes I’ve made I’ve been forgiven, so I’m doing OK. My father in heaven has forgiven me and so I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. My religion is very important to me and I think that is what keeps me going.”

Brown said he spent his whole life in one religion and has been religiously inspired much of his life.

“It’s been a great lesson to me,” he said. “Some of the things I’ve been able to do through my church have been a great.” That includes two missions, one in the Philippines and one in

Brownie Brown and family invite the entire community to celebrate his 100th birthday at New Horizons Care Center in Lovell.
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Vancouver, Wash. and much involvement in church activities.

He said maintaining good relationships has been one of the keys to his happiness.

“Have a good relationship with people. Have everybody be your friend,” Brown said. “That’s my philosophy. It takes a little work to do that, but it’s work that is worth it.”

Brown said another key to his happiness was two long marriages.

“It takes a lot of work to make a good marriage,” said Brown. “It takes patience and forgiveness. I was happily married for a total of 76 years.”

Brown was married twice in that span of 76 years. His first marriage lasted close to 50 years and only ended due to the death of his partner one month before their 50th anniversary. His second marriage to his current wife Leta, who is also a resident at the Care Center, is currently in its 26th year.

“You can’t beat that,” said Brown. “I feel this is a part of my life that has been a great blessing for me.”

Brown said he’s not sure if he deserves to be 100 or not, but he’s pretty sure he’s going to make it to that milestone birthday that is now just around the corner.

“I have no idea how much longer I have after this birthday. That’s not up to me,” said Brown. “But I believe in the afterlife and I’m excited about what that has to offer.”

He said he hopes to continue a good relationship with his family and other important people in his life through the final chapters of his life.

“I still have a good relationship with my family and these people here at this facility (New Horizons Care Center), and I hope to maintain that,” he said. “That is my goal and the most important thing for me right now in this life.”

If he had any advice to pass on from the lessons he’s learned in life, he said being happy with “what you have” and not “wishing for more” is the key.

“Make good with what you already have and then you will be happy,” said Brown. “That’s always been my philosophy and it’s brought me much happiness in my life.”

He said he has fond memories of growing up in the Lovell area and looks forward to celebrating with family and friends at his upcoming birthday bash. The party begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. and will be held in the multipurpose room at the Care Center on Sept. 7.

By Patti Carpenter


  1. Karen what a wonderful man you are blessed to have grown up with. No wonder you are such a good girl! Love to you and your family.

  2. Happy birthday brother BROWN! I grew to love your daughter Karen, when we served together in Nauvoo. She must get her wonderful character traits from you. Congratulations and happy birthday!

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