Sunflowers soar at the Matthews residence

Retired archaeologist Bill Matthews of Lovell might be able to soon write a new children’s story –

Bill Matthews proudly displays his 15-foot sunflower from high atop his garage on Lane 12 west of Lovell.
Courtesy photo

“Bill and the Sunflower Stalk” if the giant flowers growing next to his garage are any indication.

With a little more time on his hands following his retirement in April of 2016 from the U.S. Forest Service, Matthews turned some of his energy to his garden and this year planted some sunflower seeds of the mammoth variety in soil next to his garage at the home he and wife Mary share on Lane 12 west of Lovell.

The result is a row of tall sunflowers, including one that now stretches high above his garage in front of a south-facing wall.

“This is what happens when you retire,” Matthews said with a chuckle after providing a photograph of himself standing on the roof with a bloom at chest level some 15 feet tall. “When one is retired you notice you have more time to tend to your garden.”

The flowers have grown so tall that Matthews had to tie them to the garage so they wouldn’t fall over. The flowers are impressive – and that’s no tall tale.

By David Peck