Raven knocks out power to around 2,000 homes…again

The official cause of a power outage that knocked out power to around 2,000 customers in Lovell, including the Western Sugar plant was “bird mortality,” according to Spencer Hall, a spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power. This is the second time this year a raven has knocked out power to the town. A similar incident took place in July.

The power, which went out on Sunday at 8:33 p.m., was restored 38 minutes later at 9:11 p.m. The sugar plant had to reboot some of its equipment in order to resume beet processing.

Hall said a large bird somehow found its way into the substation, wreaking havoc on its circuitry. He explained that normally the circuit switches back on automatically, but in this particular instance, the bird had to be manually removed from the power station in order to restore service to customers in the area.

By Patti Carpenter