The Church of God opens doors in Lovell/Cowley

A new church plant is in the works by The Church of God, headquartered in Cleveland, Tenn., under the direction of Rev. Gerald Cox.

Recent Lovell additions are Rev. Gerald Cox (left) and wife Janis Cox of The Church of God.
Dustin McClure photo

Rev. Cox, ordained deacon of The Church of God, arrived in Lovell on Nov. 2 along with wife Janis and 19-year-old daughter Hannah. The Cox family comes from Craig, Colo., where he is a third generation sawmill logger, running sawmills in various places in the Craig area including Pueblo and Leadville. When his father died he took over the operations of the mill in Craig.

The Cox family enjoys four-wheeling and biking while camping. They also make fishing a part of the experience.

Rev. Cox has been in the ministry since 1995 helping establish new churches, but began pastoring in 2004. He says his focus is souls. He prays, “Lord, give me your eyes so I can see what you see.” He and his wife’s goal is to reach as many people as they can, helping them understand Christ of the Bible.

When he was asked to come to Lovell, Rev. Cox prayed, “What do I do up there?” He said his answer was, “Just love the people.” He said Satan is a deceiver and tries to tear people down. The Cox family wants to show them the love of God and the truth of His word by what they say and how they live.

The Church of God is a full gospel church, teaching that the Bible is the full gospel and that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. At the present they are meeting at a member’s home in Cowley at noon. The services consist of worship and preaching followed by Sunday school Bible study. The group is looking for a building in Lovell to hold services.

When asked what they hope to bring to the community Mrs. Cox responded, “Our time.” Rev. Cox added, “We’re here for anyone who wants prayer or needing someone to talk to. If anyone has prayer requests, we’ll pray for those needs.”

Rev. Cox can be reached by phone at 970-629-2085.

By Teressa Ennis