County turnout estimated at 61 percent

Wyoming voters went to the polls in record numbers for last week’s primary election, but that wasn’t the case in Big Horn County.

Figures released by the clerk’s office late Friday show that 3,391 votes were cast in the election. That’s 237 less than the 3,268 cast in the primary election of 2014, when the same statewide and county positions last appeared on the ballot.

Ninety-three percent (3,185) of the ballots cast last week in Big Horn County were done so by Republicans. Democrats accounted for 5 percent (157) and nonpartisan the remaining 2 percent (49).

Figures released by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office show that 140,070 votes were cast statewide, putting this year far ahead of the overall turnout for the last two gubernatorial elections in 2014 and 2010.

Looking further into the county numbers, the clerk’s office said the 3,391 votes that were cast in Big Horn County represented 61 percent of the county’s 5,589 registered voters heading into the election. The total number of registered voters does not include new voters who registered on election day.

Taking the prize for the top precinct this year was Manderson. With three of its own vying for seats on the county commission, the community produced a 73-percent turnout (123 votes cast, 169 registered voters).

Burlington and Emblem, the hometowns of Felix Carrizales and Daves Neves, who had the highest vote totals for county commission, weren’t far behind. Burlington’s turnout was set at 72 percent (211 votes, 295 registered voters) and Emblem’s at 71 percent (46 votes, 65 registered voters).

Turnout was generally better in the south end of the county than it was in the north. Other than Greybull, which had a 57 percent turnout (647 votes, 1,144 registered voters), every other polling place on the south end achieved a turnout of 60 percent or better.

Only Frannie, with a 66 percent mark (77 votes, 116 registered voters), reached 60 percent on the north end. Lovell saw a 59 percent turnout (904 votes, 1,526 registered voters), followed by Cowley at 58 percent (288 votes, 493 registered voters) and Byron at 53 percent (182 votes, 343 registered voters).

The community with the lowest turnout in the county was Deaver, which saw just 47 percent (55) of its registered voters (116) cast ballots in last week’s election.

By Nathan Oster