Governor tours Big Horn Canyon

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead toured Big Horn Canyon by boat last Wednesday after an invitation by Girls State delegates Garce Edwards and Megan Cornia of Lovell.

The top Girls State elected officials, including Secretary of State Edwards, were on the boat tour September 26, along with Gov. Mead, Wyoming State Parks Director Darin Westby, State Rep. Jamie Flitner, Bighorn Canyon NRA Supt. Mike Tranel, Ranger Todd Johnson, Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce office manager Amanda Allred Bennion and former Big Horn County commissioner Keith Grant.

Gov. Matt Mead, right, visits with Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Supt. Mike Tranel during a boat tour of Big Horn Lake last Wednesday, Sept. 26.
Todd Johnson, NPS

Grant said he’s been working on Gov. Mead to tour Big Horn Canyon for years and was pleased to play host to the governor. The group toured on two National Park Service boats, going from Horseshoe Bend to Devil’s Canyon Overlook and back.

“The Governor told me he is working on the road (the Big Horn Canyon Parkway) and is hoping to make some good progress,” Grant said. “He’s made some good contacts and thought it’s moving ahead. I hope it is.

“I went through Cal Taggart’s files and found some with his grandfather’s (Gov. and U.S. Senator Cliff Hansen) signature on them and gave them to him as mementos. He told me he’s going to come back with his family. He wants to go around the state and visit places he hadn’t had time to look at. He was impressed with the canyon. He really liked it.”

The governor and others then dined at the Brandin’ Iron Restaurant for lunch.

By David Peck

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  1. Special thanks to the efforts of Garce Edwards and Megan Cornia for getting our Governor and others to tour our Big Horn Canyon !!

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