Brio and Balance brings new therapy options to local community

Brio and Balance Therapy is bringing a new approach to health and wellness to the Big Horn Basin.

Formerly Lift, Brio and Balance Therapy, located on 440 Nevada Avenue in Lovell, provides a whole host of services to the local community. These include play therapy, individual, family and marriage therapy, online therapy, a cutting-edge neurofeedback program and yoga. The business even hosts a soccer team for the local region. 

Travis and Jessica Rapp

“Brio means energy,” said co-owner Jessica Rapp. “So it’s kind of like the idea of counseling, and you’re helping people get right with themselves and find balance in their lives.”

Jessica Rapp worked with Michelle Croft at Lift for eight years before she began Brio and Balance. During that time, Rapp also worked at Heart Mountain New Beginnings as a counselor, a local boys home. Travis Rapp, who owns the business with Jessica, worked at the same boys home as a teacher.  Travis also worked in the Powell school district, recreating their in-school suspension program and also revamping their ACT prep. Jessica is a licensed professional counselor and play therapist, while Travis has a master’s degree in education. 

“We can help people with sexual abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and we can help with autistic children,” Jessica said. 

Brio and Balance offers a different brand of therapy than what one might expect, Jessica said. It’s called holistic therapy and it extends beyond just traditional talk therapy.

“We’re going to take the whole person into account — Your biology, your genetics, your mind, and your body. Your mind and your body are the same. If your mind is sick, your body will be sick. Helping people to understand that connection…we’re going to take the whole thing into consideration. Instead of just focusing on your mind and your thinking, we’re going to let you know that’s connected to your body. So if you exercise and eat right, that’s going to help you.” 

Jessica is a specialist in play therapy. It allows her to connect with troubled youth who have been through trauma or are suffering a disorder who have problems with communicating. But it also gives her a tool set that extends far beyond that.

“If you’re an adult and you’ve done talk therapy and that doesn’t work for you, we can use expressive arts and sand-tray therapy, and that gives you a different experience. That will tap into your right brain,” Rapp said. “Adults don’t know they can do anything but talk therapy. If you come to see me, if your family comes here, we’re going to do some fun things. We’re going to talk and we’re going to do all that, but we’re going to use the resources of play therapy to help bond your family.”

Family counseling is also a service that Brio and Balance prides itself on. 

“The thing about children is they don’t come with an instruction manual and they’re all different,” Travis said. “You may be doing something that worked with an older child, that worked really well, but your younger child has a different way of thinking. Anybody really can benefit with that kind of help.”

Brio and Balance is also the only local service that offers neurofeedback training. The training is a therapeutic intervention that uses sound and visual signals to retrain a person’s thought patterns, allowing the brain to function more efficiently.

“That machine is giving your own nervous system information so your nervous system can heal itself,” Jessica said. “We don’t even have to know what’s wrong with you. Your own nervous system will fix itself.”

Jessica and Travis Rapp also offer services outside of counseling. Travis offers ACT prep services to local students. He has experience working in school districts where he raised the schoolwide ACT scores by more than a point, he said. 

Travis is licensed with the United States Soccer Federation and coached the Powell High School program for six years. Last year, Travis started the Wyoming Soccer Academy, where local youth are able to learn the sport. Forty-two students came out this winter. The program is sponsored by Brio and Balance.

Brio and Balance accepts Medicaid and has a sliding scale for those who are low on financial resources. 

By Ryan Fitzmaurice