Lila Ellen Maranville Steed

Aug. 2, 1942 – March 22, 2019

Lila Ellen Maranville Steed was born Aug. 2, 1942, in Middleboro, Mass., to Leslie Maranville and Mae Deane Maranville. She died at her home in Cowley March 22, 2019.

Lila welcomed sisters Carol in 1946 and Betsy in 1954. The family really loved the baby Betsy, who later died of appendicitis. Lila loved all teachers and school in general and decided she wanted
to be a teacher in the second grade. 

As a child and also throughout her life Lila never liked to make anyone mad; this included parents, siblings and teachers. Lila was active in all things possible in athletics, performance arts and academics. She graduated from high school in Lakeville, Mass., and from the University of Massachusetts in
1964 with an English teaching degree. 

Lila always romanticized the cowboy and the western way of life, which she gained from watching the Roy Rogers Show as a child. So upon graduation she got a job in Lovell and drove her Volkswagen bug to Wyoming. Lila’s western adventures began immediately when she arrived in Lovell due to hanging out with families such as the Tilletts, Tippetts and Hopkins. She always told people “she wasn’t born here in Wyoming but got here as quick as she could.”   Much of Lila’s family saw the light and also migrated to Wyoming in the 1980s, including her parents and sister Carol. 

Lila met Grady Sea Steed on the Big Horn Mountains while he was herding sheep. Seeking more adventure, Lila drove her bug to Craig, Alaska, in the summer of 1966.
She taught there for one year before having to get back to see Grady again. She then moved back home and taught one year in Massachusetts and married Grady later that year in Wareham, Mass. She finished the school year and moved back to Wyoming, and they had their honeymoon at “honeymoon” cabin on Little Mountain, a name that stuck with the cabin. 

Lila quit teaching to herd sheep for the C.A. Lewis Trust with Grady, giving birth to Pat and Ben in 1971 and 1972. Lila made lifelong friends with other C.A. Lewis family and employees. Children made living in a sheep wagon difficult, and Grady and Lila bought their house in Cowley in 1974, where she lived until she died. 

Lila returned to teaching at Deaver High School in 1977 and taught there, at Rocky Mountain High School and at the middle school in Deaver until she retired in 2002 to spend time with grandchildren. Lila cherished her time teaching and adored all her students. Lila’s gift in life and teaching was that she focused on the people who needed help, not the easy, teachable or popular students. 

Throughout life, Lila was very active in the community. She was mayor of Cowley for a while and later spearheaded the first refurbishment of the Cowley Log Gym and the installation of the decorative Cowley signs. She achieved her goal of driving her own team and wagon for the entire 30 days of the Wyoming Centennial Wagon Train in 1990. Throughout her retirement she enjoyed her children, grandchildren, friends and travel. 

Lila is survived by sister Carol (Keith) Rasmussen; sons Pat (JLee) and Ben (Jennifer); grandchildren Tyler, Jack, Tori, Maddisun and Josey; nephew Dexter (Lisa) Woodis; and niece Jill (John ) Scanlan. Lila is also survived by great friends Heidi Brightly, Chuck Hoffman, Jan Ellis and Donna Garrison and many, many more. 

Services were held Tuesday, March 26, at 1 p.m. at the Cowley Log Gym. Interment followed at the Cowley Cemetery.