Guest column | Border crisis: Trump and a myth

The dangerousness of the continuing national fight over the security of the southern border is a frightening thing. Attempting to please voters who fundamentally disagree, Democrat congress persons and the President play a dangerous game.

To be nonpartisan, let me be clear: I see no other solution than a secure border. Since the Reagan Administration, which ended in 1989, our politicians have not solved this problem.

Bob Magart
Whitefish, Mont.

The problem has grown into a massive public relations disaster. Let me illustrate with a story and an explanation. The story is about Narcissus; the explanation is about a simple economic fact.

Narcissus is a fabled story from Greek literature. Narcissus was a lad who had good looks and the affections of girls he grew to scorn. One girl he had hurt prayed to the gods and was answered:

May he who loves not others love himself. The great goddess Nemesis, which means righteous anger, undertook to bring this about. As Narcissus bent over a clear pool for a drink and saw there his own reflection, on the moment he fell in love with it. “Now I know,” he cried, “what others have suffered from me, for I burn with love of my own self—and yet how can I reach that loveliness I see mirrored in the water? But I cannot leave it. Only death can set me free.”

May he who loves no other love himself.

President Trump did indeed say that he was going to fix immigration, and he did campaign in 2016 to “build a wall.” Confident in his ability to get things built, and in confidence tricks, he said without the possibility of knowing for certain, “Mexico will build the wall.”

What he meant by those words is unambiguous. With such, a man of no professional political experience became president.

Add to this problem the concept of supply and demand. It states:

“The quantity demanded is the amount of a product people are willing to buy at a certain price; the relationship between price and quantity demanded are always in relationship to each other. If the quantity, (or, on the opposite side, if the price) is increased, the other will decrease. It is fundamental.”

The news that Trump has fixed the U.S. economy has traveled to Central America. The news that Trump is going to close immigration has traveled likewise to Central America. Mexico has been flooded with migrants who would come to America.

It is clear to this historian that politicians, both Republican and Democrat, want to force the other side to capitulate. Democrats stir their side to look at humanitarian problems. But, up to two weeks ago, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t even admit there was a crisis. Republicans say, “America can’t abide the lawlessness of the border crisis.” President Trump started before 2016, and he has the political savvy to ride his vision through the next election cycle.

But, poor migrants from the south are part of the mix. They fear they will get here too late. Things are bad for them where they live and so they risk the trail to America. Meanwhile, murderous scoundrels prey on the situation, servicing the migrants.

The migrants’ own countries do not protect them, and thus the problem gets worse.

It will not hurt you to pressure your Congress persons to change immigration policy now.

Waiting until the explosive times that accompany presidential elections to be still yelling at each other over the border will not serve the country. They are too much of a bath, are election years. The water gets too hot. The problem needs to be addressed now.

During tough times selfless people have risen to the top of American politics. Nowhere has it been reported that some enemy such as Russia has funneled money into the hands of the scoundrels who are assisting migrants to come to America. But, if there is an enemy of our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, this would be an easy scab to prey upon.

Love of others begins with things like self respect. It is respectful to deal with crisis as quickly as possible. There is a crisis on the southern border. Now, Democrats have admitted it.

Fighting over immigration now overlaps wrangling over the Mueller report. Thus, a frightful situation grows closer to the breaking point.

Immigration reform needs to be addressed now. The Mueller wrangling is destined to dominate the 2020 presidential election. Meanwhile, poor migrants deserve American pity and action. It needs to be demonstrated that illegal entry has been stopped to the best of our ability.