From our files | See ‘Yellow Submarine’ for 85 cents at Hyart in 1969

25 Years Ago, May 5, 1994

The Lovell Chronicle

Chronicle photo
Seven Lovell High School students returned from state art with 17 blue ribbons in 1994. Pictured are (back row, l-r) Misti Kummerfeld, Nicolle Ferren, Betsy Zeller, (front) Amy Leithead, Aubry Wilkerson, Jessica Greenlee and Jamey Tippetts.
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Pic: The Lovell High School students of Deb May and Frank Somer brought home 17 blue ribbons from the State Art Symposium in Casper over the weekend. Posing with some of their works are (back row, l-r) junior Misti Kummerfeld (three ribbons), junior Nicolle Ferren (four), junior Betsy Zeller (one), (front row) senior Amy Leithead (three), sophomore Aubry Wilkerson (three), junior Jessica Greenlee (two) and senior Jamey Tippetts (one). 

50 Years Ago, May 1, 1969

The Lovell Chronicle

Hyart Theatre ad: The Beatles “Yellow Submarine.” A bright, humorous and very musical animated cartoon-fantasy about some improbable adventures of the musical group. Adults 85¢, 5 to 11 years 35¢. Children under 5 unaccompanied by adults must pay. 

75 Years Ago, May 4, 1944

The Lovell Chronicle

Actors come and actors go, but it looks as if the Ameches would go on forever. Although Jim Jr., now barely six, says he wants to be a mounted cop when he grows up. He’s doing right well as a regular member of the cast of CBS’s “Big Sister.” He got the role a year ago. Jim Jr. can’t read, so Jim Sr. coaches him in memorizing the lines, then stands behind the cut-down mic and cues the boy with gestures.

100 Years Ago, May 9, 1919

The Cowley Progress

Manager Bruce Taggart of Crosby Trading Company returned this evening from a couple of days business trip to Basin.