Big Horn County 4-H honors outstanding achievement

Big Horn County 4-H celebrated its outstanding youth, leaders and volunteers during its annual Achievement Night program held Nov. 8 at the fairgrounds in Basin.

It was an eventful year, as members participated in a National Food Cookoff in Texas, competed at livestock judging contests across Wyoming, Utah and Montana and baked treats for veterans in the first quarter, then spent the spring and summer going to various livestock judgings and clinics before turning their attention to the county and state fairs in August.

Cambree Miller and Cadence Workman, third-year members of the 9’ers 4-H Club. 

The evening began with Sariah Hendershot, Rebekah Hendershot, Ethan Hendershot, Roseannah Brown and Evelyn Brown modeling their Fashion and Fabric projects and proceeded from there to recognition of leaders.

Rob Dalin, Mike Haley, Dan Holloway, John Morgan, Jerilyn Love and Amy Hoyt were recognized as five-year leaders.

Chelle Schwope and Tammy Twitchell were honored as 20-year leaders, being “active in a variety of avenues from leaders council, project leaders and state fair dorm chaperones” and for “always lending a hand with fundraising.”

4-H then recognized the members of its leaders council: Chelle Schwope, Linda Schwope, Becky Perkins, Addisyn Perkins (youth representative), Brenda Miller, Sara Welling, Lydia Wood, Julie Brown, Raelene Wood and Tammy Twitchell.

The Cloverbuds (youth 5 to 8 years of age who are not able to join 4-H to compete) honored this year were Tristian Aagard, Chase Allen, Illyena Atkinson, Dakota Butcher, Joey Campos, Chloe Cauffman, Serenity Downes, Whitley Godfrey, Lauren Godfredson, Toree Herman, Joslyn Hunt, Brianna Landis, Claire Philpott, Trey Tryon, Macee Winterholler, Liam Wisehart, Kirk Parsley, Braxton Layne, Hayden Workman and Haylie O’Neil

Roseannah and Evelyn Brown, fifth-year members of the Northern Stars. 

Kirk Parsley participated in several 4-H activities this past year, as well as showed in open class at county fair. Kirk took on the full responsibility of being a 4-Her by even completing a portfolio, which is required of Cloverbuds.

First-year members honored included Tell Edeler and Lillian Bettelyoun of the Basin Go Getters; Fiona Gannon, Liam Gannon, Hyson Hill, Eleanor McKim and Sky Olsen of the Paintrock Punchers; Carsten Cook, Noah Goodwin and Cruz Sorenson of the Shell Rough Riders; Addison Butcher, Bryant Casey, Wyatt Cauffman, Parker Cook, Jamie Taylor and Kellen Winters of the Swinging Cloverleaf; Daisy Carpenter and Aiden Walker of the Mighty Mustangs; Benson Jolley, Cove Jolley, Chevelle Jolley, Hunter Oatman, Mya Oatman and Ashley Wagner of the Lil Gunners; Amee Acton, Gracie Angell, Kylar Britton-Hopkin, Travis Crosby, Mark Durfee, Lauryn Marchant, Vivienne Slabbert and Sara Wood of the 9’ers; Ethan Hendershot of the Mustang Riders; Emma Bullinger, Hannah Bullinger, Lily Bullinger and Dusty Schatz of the Otto Flatts and Deborah Brown of the Northern Stars.

Third-year 4-H members honored included Malachai Foote, Connor Hoyt and Brooklynn Paxton of the Paintrock Punchers; Garrett Dalin and Caiden Sorenson of the Shell Rough Riders; Dalley Bassett, Joe Bassett, Liberty Bassett, Rylee Bassett and Joey Chatwin of the Swinging Cloverleaf; Jack Gotfredson and Elizabeth Holloway of the Swinging Cloverleaf; Hugh Carpenter of the Mighty Mustangs; Marlee Henson and Triffen Jolley of the Lil Gunners; Colten Bitton, Shaylee Bowers, Elyssa Croft, David Durfee, Sadie Ennis, Chance Hatch, Cambree Miller and Cadence Workman of the 9’ers; and Nevaeh Walker, Burl Twitchell and Elizabeth Walker of Eagle Rock.

Fourth-year members honored included Wyatt Harrison, Maycee McKim, Oliver McKim, Levi Olsen, Kale Pryor, Kasey Prior and Vinaya VanderPloeg of Paintrock Punchers; Keeton Cook and Corrie VanderPloeg of Shell Rough Riders; Wyatt Houchin, William Parsley, Kyler Winters and Hailee Winterholler of Swinging Cloverleaf; Amber Knop of Lil Gunners; James Durfee, Caden Fink, Kade Greene, Marie Hillman, Lillian Mader, Makayla Workman and JT Prosser of 9’ers; and Kristina Steiner and Justin Walker of Eagle Rock.

Deborah Brown first-year member of the Northern Stars. 

Fifth-year members honored included Hanna Haley and Hayden Paxton of Paintrock Punchers; Cannon Cook, Tyler Dalin, Gabriel VanderPloeg and Cooper Zierolf of Shell Rough Riders; Breanne Walker of Swinging Cloverleaf; Alex Hedges, Kenadee Rael and Keyanna Walker of Mighty Mustangs; Addie Henson, Katie Thormahlen, Megan Weinand and Chareasa Zeller of 9’ers; and Evelyn Brown and Roseannah Brown of Northern Stars.

Zach Simmons, Jordan Mautz and Kaci Bently earned nine-year jackets — one of the greatest milestones in 4-H.

In the rate of gain contest, winners included Will Dalin in Market Beef, Maycee McKim in Market Sheep, Justin Walker in Market Goat and Croix Tryon in Market Swine.

The Paintrock Punchers and 9’ers clubs were honored for their participation in National 4-H Week.

Recipients of pins for turning in project portfolio books included the following 4-Hers listed by club:

Paintrock Punchers — Hayden Paxton: Foods and Nutrition, Market Swine; Wyatt Harrison: Market Beef, Foods and Nutrition, Market Goat and Market Sheep; Reaghan Foss: Market Beef, Market Goat, Photography, Market Sheep, Market Swine, Visual Arts, Livestock Judging; Blake Mautz: Dog, Photography, Visual Arts; Jordan Mautz: Photography, Visual Arts; Fiona Gannon: Breeding Meat Goat, Photography, Pistol, Poultry, Rifle, Breeding Sheep, Visual Arts; Kaci Bentley: Archery, Breeding Meat Goat, Photography, Rifle, Breeding Sheep, Market Sheep; Jada Foss: Market Beef, Horse; Ryan Hoyt: Market Beef; Sterling Foss: Self Determined; Eleanor McKim: Market Beef; Malachai Foote: Dog, Visual Arts; Connor Hoyt: Market Beef; Alan Landis: Breeding Beef, Entomology, Geology, Leathercraft; Brooklynn Paxton: Foods and Nutrition, Self Determined, Market Sheep.

Shell Rough Riders — Tyler Dalin: Archery, Shotgun; Will Dalin: Archery, Shotgun; Mallory Brown: Horse; Dailyn Zierolf: Photography, Market Sheep; Weston Haley: Shooting Sports, Market Swine; Wyatt Whaley: Market Swine; Sy Schlattmann: Photography, Poultry; Garrett Dalin: Market Goats, Breeding Market Goats, Photography, Shooting Sports.

Swinging Cloverleaf — Hailee Winterholler: Market Swine; Grant Winters: Market Sheep; Breanne Walker: Market Swine; Kyler Winters: Archery, Market Sheep; Joey Chatwin: Cake Decorating, Foods and Nutrition, Fabric and Fashion, Rabbits, Market Sheep; Brac Walker: Market Beef; Rylee Bassett: Market Beef; Kellen Winters: Archery, Market Sheep; William Hatch: Dairy Goat, Horse, Leathercraft, Market Sheep; Taft Winters: Archery, Market Sheep; Parker Cook: Market Swine; Kole Walker: Market Swine; Cole Gotfredson: Market Sheep; Elizabeth Holloway: Archery, Market Goat, Horse, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Market Swine.

Mighty Mustangs — Keyanna Walker: Market Swine, Visual Arts; Hugh Carpenter: Market Swine; Daisy Carpenter: Market Sheep; Kenedee Rael: Market Sheep; Alyssa Rael: Market Sheep; Hailey Rael: Market Sheep; Aiden Walker: Market Sheep; Rocco Rael: Market Sheep.

Lil Gunners — Cove Jolley: Market Swine; Chevelle Jolley: Market Swine.

9’ers — Jack Wardell: Market Swine; Katie Thormahlin: Market Sheep; Caden Fink: Market Beef; Makaila Thormahlin: Market Sheep; Marie Hillman: Dogs, Dairy Goats; James Durfee: Market Sheep; Megan Weinand: Photography, Visual Arts; Curtis Miller: Visual Arts; Chelsi Green: Market Swine; Cambree Miller: Market Sheep; Marty Welling: Horse, Market Sheep; Colten Bitton: Market Goat, Market Swine; Caylee Herman: Fabric and Fashion, Market Sheep; Charlee Welling: Horse, Photography, Rabbits, Visual Arts; Kelce Winterholler: Market Sheep; Sara Wood: Rabbit, Dog; RaeLee Workman: Horse, Market Swine; Cadence Workman: Horse, Market Goat, Market Swine; Payton Bischoff: Horse, Market Sheep; Addisyn Perkins: Market Goat, Market Sheep, Photography, Breeding Sheep; Travis Crosby: Market Sheep; Gracie Angell: Market Sheep.

Eagle Rock — Nevaeh Walker: Market Goats, Rabbit; Burl Twitchell: Dairy Goat, Market Goat, Rabbits, Market Sheep.

Mustang Riders — Rebekah Hendershot: Cake Decorating, Foods and Nutrition, Geology, Photography; Sariah Hendershot: Cake Decorating, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Photography, Quilting, Rabbits; Ethan Hendershot: Foods and Nutrition, Fabric and Fashion, Rabbits, Robotics.

Otto Flats — Hannah Bullinger: Visual Arts; Rebecca Bullinger: Dog, Market Sheep, Visual Arts; Melissa Bullinger: Dog, Visual Arts, Market Sheep, Photography; Lily Bullinger: Cats; Emma Bullinger: Photography; Bitner Philpott: Market Goat.

Northern Stars — Roseannah Brown: Crocheting, Dog, Fabric and Fasion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Horse, Knitting, Leathercraft, Photography, Quilting, Visual Arts, Woodworking; Joshua Brown: Dog, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Horse, Knitting, Leathercraft, Photography, Visual Arts, Woodworking; Jedidiah Brown: Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Horse, Leathercraft, Photography, Visual Arts, Woodworking; Mahonri Brown: Gardening, Knitting, Visual Arts; Evelyn Brown: Crocheting, Dog, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Horse, Knitting, Leathercraft, Photography, Quilting, Visual Arts, Woodworking; Deborah Brown: Crocheting, Dog, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Horse, Knitting, Leathercraft, Photography, Quilting, Visual Arts, Woodworking.

Moving on, champion awards were presented in the following categories: 

Foods and Nutrition: Hayden Paxton and Deborah Brown; 

Market Goats: Addisyn Perkins and Garrett Dalin;

Horse: Deborah Brown;

Photography: Melissa Bullinger, Evelyn Brown, Deborah Brown; and Addisyn Perkins;

Market Sheep: Melissa Bullinger and Addisyn Perkins;

Market Swine: Chelsi Green;

Visual Arts: Melissa Bullinger, Roseannah Brown, Evelyn Brown and Deborah Brown.

Awards for Overall Champion Portfolios went to Melissa Bullinger in the senior division, Roseannah Brown in the intermediate division and Addisyn Perkins in the junior division.

Melissa Bullinger earned the ultimate achievement in 4-H with her induction into the Honors Club. The club is based on the principle of recognition for youth that maximize their opportunities to foster the elements positive youth development of belonging, independence, generosity and master over multiple years of engagement. Nineteen points must be accumulated from annual recognition points earned. 

In High Point Horse awards went to Trista Hernandez in the senior division, Maycee McKim intermediate and Cadence Workman junior.

Honored for completing the 307 Livestock Judging Series were Payton Bischoff, Charlee Welling, Addisyn Perkins, Kort Lewis, Cambree Miller, Chelsi Green, James Durfee and Corrie VanderPloeg. 

Fiona Gannon was honored as the recipient of the Harry Collins Memorial Wool Blanket, given annually to the senior or intermediate 4-H member exhibiting the top breeding sheep or market sheep portfolio. 

Daisy Carpenter and Liam and Fiona Gannon were recognized as recipients of the Gerritt Swiftney Memorial Award given to the first-year member with outstanding portfolio accomplishments, community and club participation. 

The Shannon Betz Memorial 4-H Horse Award went to Jedediah Brown.

The Workman and Lewis families were honored in recognition of the challenges they faced during the year.

The Extra Mile Volunteer Award went to the Dalin Family — Ron, Donna, Todd, Emily, Rob and Jamie.

The Extra Mile Youth Award went to Addisyn Perkins and Ryan and Connor Hoyt. 

The Alumni recipient was Brenda Miller.

Big Horn Co-op was the recipient of the Friend of 4-H Award.

The Junior Livestock Show Awards Committee recognized the following members for being “great examples and role models” for the youth programs: Kort Lewis, Sy Schlattmann, Kelce Winterholler, Landon Marchant, Ellie Holloway, James Durfee, Cadence Workman and Garrett Dalin.