From our files | Switched letters create humor in 1919

100 Years Ago, Nov. 7, 1919

The Cowley Progress

Editors will never cease having their troubles. A Wyoming newspaperman is mourning the loss of two subscribers over a pair of twins. One of them wrote asking the editor how to raise twins safely, while the other wanted to know how to rid his orchard of grasshoppers. Both answers went forward by mail, but by accident the editor got the envelopes transposed and placed each answer in the wrong enclosure, so that the man with the twins received the following reply: “Cover them carefully with straw and set fire to it, and then the little pests, after jumping into the fire for a few minutes, will be speedily settled.” And the man with the grasshoppers was told to “give castor oil and rub their gums with a bone.”

75 Years Ago, Nov. 9, 1944

The Lovell Chronicle

The women of Lovell with major or minor sewing problems will have an excellent opportunity to find the answer at a clothing clinic to be sponsored by the home economics department of the Lovell city schools. “This is a contribution of the home economics department to help in the war effort. Making over old clothing and making new saves manpower for vital war industries,” said Alice M. Ford, homemaking instructor.

50 Years Ago, Nov. 6, 1969

The Lovell Chronicle

The girls are getting anxious to take their favorite guys to twirp. Twirp Week is Monday through Saturday, Nov. 10-15. The list of events is as follows: Monday, Park-Oke night; Tuesday, Fun night; Wednesday, Church night; Thursday, Carry-in dinner; Friday, Major Dan Miller; Saturday, She-M-Burger. Hey, girls! Go get your guy before they are all taken.

25 Years Ago, Nov. 10, 1994

Ken Ferbrache, a new physician’s assistant began work in 1994 for the North Big Horn Hospital District. See more in excerpt from 25 years ago.
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The Lovell Chronicle

Pic: A new physician’s assistant began work Monday for the North Big Horn Hospital District. Ken Ferbrache is a native of Utah, graduating from high school in Layton, Utah. He received his physician’s assistant degree in Nashville, Tenn., from Trevecca Nazarene College, associated with Vanderbilt, in August of 1992.

10 Years Ago, Nov. 5, 2009

The Lovell Chronicle

Paul Kretschmar, superintendent of the Tillett Springs Fish Rearing Station, has retired after more than 39 years of service with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He was promoted to superintendent at the Tillett Fish Rearing Station in August of 1986. He and his wife Cammy are making their home in Powell.