Beautiful new American flag gifted to town

Lovell Police Chief Dan Laffin is a military veteran and does woodworking as a hobby, so when he saw the opportunity to combine his patriotism and his woodworking skills, he seized it. The result — a beautiful, handcrafted, wooden flag adorning the wall of the town council chambers.

This homemade wooden flag constructed by Chief Dan Laffin adorns the wall behind the town council desk at town hall.
Patti Carpenter photo

Laffin got the idea to make the flag when he was helping out during a “placemaking” project to remodel a downtown park. He noticed some old fence material that had been removed that was about to be thrown away and asked town administrator Jed Nebel and Parks Director Gary Emmett, if he could take the wood for a project.

The project was to make the flag as a “token of appreciation” to the town.

“It really gave a new look to the bare wall behind the council,” said Nebel. “It was a very nice gesture that we appreciate very much, and we also appreciate the fine craftsmanship that went into it.”

By Patti Carpenter