Rocky cheerleaders second at State Spirit

The Rocky Mountain High School cheerleading squad brought home some hardware from the State Spirit Competition Wednesday at the Casper Events Center.

The Lady Grizz cheer team moved up a place from last year as they placed second in the 2A Game Day division with 77.15 points, just 1.175 points behind state champion Kemmerer.

Posing with their second-place trophy at the State Spirit Competition March 11 in Casper are Rocky Mountain cheerleaders (back row, l-r) coach Carlye Ward, Taylor Despain, Taylin Boettcher, Alexis Minemyer, Teresa Harrison, Malia Hedges, Aubrianne Crosby, Trenity Hackney, Khaimook Naosoongneon, coach Tianne Samson, (front row) Brenna Brost and Taleesha Herren.
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Rocky also placed eighth in the 3A All-Girl cheer division with 50.25 points, 4.4 points behind Cody and 14.9 points ahead of Riverton. Cokeville won the division with 77.15 points.

Members of the Rocky Mountain competition cheerleading squad this year were Aubrianne Crosby, Khaimook Naosoongneon, Teresa Harrison, Malia Hedges, Taylor Despain, Trenity Hackney, Alexis Minemyer, Taylin Boettcher and Brenna Brost. The team was coached by Tianne Samson and Carlye Ward.

“Overall, they performed really well,” Samson said. “I think it was their best performance for both routines. As far as game day went, I felt we gave it our best shot. Our score was docked for a couple of things, but I’m very pleased with my team and their efforts, and I’m happy with where they placed.

“Five of the girls played basketball this year. We only got to practice once a week, so I’m happy with the time that we had. They gave it their all and it showed on the floor.” 

Posing at the State Spirit Competition March 11 in Casper are Lovell competition cheerleaders (back row, l-r) Erin Wilkerson, Alma DelaCruz, Alex Englert, Lillie Beck, Ashlynn Fink, (front row) Emma Edwards, Macie Muller, Molly Reimers and Peiton Hackenberg.
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The Lovell High School cheerleaders placed third in the 2A Game Day division with 75.5 points and 10th in the 3A All-Girl cheer division with 32.2 points.

Members of the 2020 Lovell competition cheer squad are junior captains Macie Muller and Emma Edwards, junior Molly Reimers, sophomores Lillie Beck, Alma DelaCruz and Ashlynn Fink and freshmen Alex Englert, Peiton Hackenberg and Erin Wilkerson. The team was coached by Lauren Shumway.

“The girls were incredible,” Shumway said about the Game Day routine. “It was a great routine. They were extra stiff, had great facials and crowd interaction. It was a major improvement from last year and I couldn’t be prouder of them. It was definitely a state championship routine.”

Shumway said the all-girl cheer routine was not their best routine.

Posing at the State Sprit Competition March 11 at the Casper Events Center are Lovell hip-hop dancers (back row, l-r) Kyra Hayes, Mona Jordan, Riley Dodd, Sage Angell, (front row) Emma Edwards, Madison Reimers and Molly Reimers.
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“Having thrown it together six weeks prior, I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts, for not giving up and trying something new,” the coach said. “We hope to improve our stunting in the future.”

The LHS dance team placed third in the 3A Jazz division with 69 points, 4.167 points behind Riverton and 23 points ahead of Powell. Star Valley won the division with 82.333 points.

The LHS dancers also placed fifth in the 3A Hip-Hop division with 70.333 points, just 33/100ths of a point behind Burlington. Star Valley won the division with 85.6 points.

Members of the 2020 Lovell dance team for the jazz routine are Kyra Hayes, Sage Angell, Molly Reimers, Madison Reimers, Emma Edwards and Riley Dodd. Freshman Mona Jordan joins the six for the hip hop routine.

The team was coached by Kari Angell.

“I thought both routines were great,” Angell said. “They exceeded my expectations. It’s hard being a small team competing against larger teams like Star Valley. Star Valley has been an excellent team and always has lots of dancers. Riverton took second in both divisions and they are a great team, as well.

“The girls did exceptionally well and were proud with how they did and that makes it all worth it.”

By Sam Smith