Greenhouse Gardens opens for the season amid virus crisis

With many local businesses having had to limit their hours, change how they operate or even close down temporarily during the coronavirus crisis, one local business is just starting up for the spring.

Greenhouse Gardens is now open for business at the familiar location, 74 Shoshone Ave., Monday through Saturday.

Greenhouse Gardens owner/operator Alvin Emmett is preparing for the spring planting season with the COVID-19 crisis in mind.
David Peck photo

Owner/operator Alvin Emmett has been gearing up for the 2020 season and has already had a few customers who have caught him in the greenhouse. As he put it, “If I’m here, I’m open.”

But now that spring is here, steady hours are starting as temperatures warm and the days grow longer, Emmett said.

He said he’s not sure yet how the COVID-19 situation will affect his business, noting that the main selling season is usually in May and June.

“I’m a little concerned about Mother’s Day Weekend,” he said. “If the sun is shining, that’s our busiest weekend of the year.”

Emmett said he’s a little bit nervous about the potential number of customers and how to get them to observe social distancing practices on that summer kickoff weekend.

“People will have to be cognizant (of social distancing rules), and we’ll do the best we can,” he said. “I may have to post a sign that says ‘please observe social distancing, and please be patient.’ I may get two or three cash registers going (to spread customers out), but my challenge is that I only have one credit card machine and more and more people are using plastic.

“We will offer curbside service as much as possible.”

Emmett said he has had no problem getting product in, saying he receives shipments from Canada, Michigan, Colorado and Utah.

“There haven’t been any real restrictions or lack of service,” he said.

Summing up, Emmett said, “We’re hoping we will have a good season. And we hope people will plan ahead.”

By David Peck

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