From our files | Livestock runs amok in Cowley

100 years ago, July 17, 1920

The Cowley Progress

Regardless of the resolution recently passed by the town council, owners of livestock are still permitting their stock to run at large after regulation hours, much to the annoyance of those who are trying to raise a little garden stuff. When are our people going to begin to respect the rights of their neighbor, we’d like to know?

75 years ago, July 19, 1945

The Lovell Chronicle

Funeral services for Edward Clair McCoy, brakeman for the Burlington Railroad, who was instantly killed Friday when he fell from the cab of a locomotive as it was crossing the river bridge west of Lovell, were held at Dunseith, N.D., his former home. Railroaders believe that McCoy grabbed for the guardrail and lost his footing as the train was picking up speed and fell head first from the cab to the riverbed below the bridge. Ted Anderson, engineer in the engine behind, saw him fall and gave the signal to stop.

50 years ago, July 16, 1970

The Lovell Chronicle

“Fantastically beautiful, greater than the Grand Canyon, one of the finest scenic areas in America,” were a few of the superlatives used by Governor Stanley K. Hathaway after a visit to the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area last weekend. He commented on the importance of speeding up construction on U.S. Highway 14A over the Big Horn Mountains. Regarding the much-needed Bighorn Canyon highway from the dam to Horseshoe Bend, Hathaway said it is important to the entire state, as well as this area, that it be constructed.

25 years ago, July 13, 1995

The Lovell Chronicle

Paige Thomas smiles with accomplishment while holding up the first fish caught at Kid’s Fishing Day in 2010. See more in excerpt from 10 years ago.
file photo

Ad: Dave and Frankie Cozzens will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at an open house and dance hosted by their children on the evening of Thursday, July 20, at the Cowley City Park. They were married Aug. 10, 1945, in Billings. After marrying they lived in Byron for several years before moving to Cowley, where they have made their home and raised three children.

10 years ago, July 15, 2010

The Lovell Chronicle

Pic: Paige Thomas smiles with accomplishment while holding up the first fish caught at this year’s Kid’s Fishing Day hosted by the Bighorn National Forest on Saturday, July 10, at the Porcupine Pond. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked the pond with 200 Yellowstone cutthroat trout, and a total of 36 kids screamed and laughed as the hungry trout kept biting throughout the day.

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