Queen Bee paint job attracts the eye

The buildings certainly stand out.

And that’s the point.

The Queen Bee Gardens family of stores on the 200 block of East Main in Lovell underwent a major transformation this week when the buildings were painted in yellow and black stripes, like a
honeybee, or rather, a queen bee, co-owner Jason Zeller said.

The striped façade of the Queen Bee Gardens honey candy store, Discount Grocery store and factory stand out on Main Street now that they have been painted in black and yellow “queen bee” colors.
David Peck photo

Painted were the Queen Bee Gardens honey candy storefront, the new Discount Grocery store and the Queen Bee Gardens factory.

“It’s Lovell Dental and the Chronicle’s fault,” Zeller joked, noting that the new dentist office and newspaper office had put up new fronts in recent years.

“People started saying we could be sprucing up, too, and I don’t think we’ve thought about it for 30 years,” Zeller continued. “I agreed. Then my sister (Maria Trail of Colorado) came to town and said the bee boxes (striped flower boxes) in front of the (candy) store were really eye-catching. She said they help people to know to walk into the storefront.”

He said the Discount Grocery building was just used for storage for years, but once the grocery store opened up, the striped flower boxes helped direct candy customers to the candy store.

“We were trying to get them to move over. I don’t know if it helped or hurt, but it was definitely eye-catching,” Zeller said. “We figured if the bee boxes were eye-catching, the whole building will be eye-catching. It’s being painted like a queen bee.”

Wesley Cameron Painting is doing the work, Zeller said, starting Monday with his crew. It will then take the paint 30 to 40 days to fully dry. The Zellers are also filling in the three windows above the grocery store with metal panels, which will also be painted.

Zeller said the final touch, if it works out, will be a painted stinger on the far west yellow panel pointing to the front door of the candy store.

By David Peck

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