Music memories: David Peck

David PeckPublisher of Lovell Chronicle and Big Horn County NewspapersSchool: Riverton High School band member• My favorite memory from my school music career is:  Attending the Reno International Jazz Festival in Nevada where our band, “The Spock Baby Generation,” captured second place.• What I learned from school music which has helped me most in life is: Simply the love of music – especially Jazz. My high school band work opened my eyes to Jazz, and I have loved the genre ever since.• How I use what I’ve experienced in school music in my career: As a journalist, having participating in music has helped me understand the importance of performing arts in our schools and in our community.• I am active in music in the following ways:I play in the Lovell Mustang Band each summer and occasionally in church and for military last rites at the cemetery.Other comments: I would like to see our community form an arts council again, and I wish school curriculums and scheduling were more music friendly.