Two moose spotted in area

On Thursday, a moose was spotted moving to and then bedding down in a field just outside of Byron. The moose caused quite a stir and several people got close enough to photograph it.[caption id="attachment_4739" align="alignright" width="241"] Photo courtesy of E. Denney NeVille
On Thursday, a young bull moose was seen moving to and then bedding down in a field just north of the town of Byron. Later the same day, the moose walked through town causing quite a stir among residents.[/caption]Somewhat annoyed by the attention, the moose headed to town creating even more of a spectacle before moving on. Another moose was seen the next day running at a lope northbound on the west side of U.S. Highway 310 south of Lovell. Both moose were males.According to Lovell Game Warden Jim Hobbs, it is unusual to see moose this close to town in this area but not unusual for a bull moose to travel long distances during the mating season to find a female. Hobbs cautioned residents to keep their distance.“More people are harmed by moose than bears, mountain lions or wolves,” said Hobbs. “These are powerful animals that can be dangerous if disturbed.”Hobbs said a bull moose can exhibit protective behavior when in the company of a cow moose during the mating season. Also, like all mothers, a cow moose can be extremely protective of her young.“They will trample people if provoked,” said Hobbs. “I’ve seen them chase people and I’ve been chased myself for getting too close. They have long legs and those legs can stomp awfully hard.”Hobbs said he is more worried about interactions between people and moose than any other animal.“It’s exciting for people to see a moose, we’re not used to seeing them so close to town in this area, but people need to be very careful and give the moose plenty of space in order to be safe,” he said.By Patti Carpenter