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Gambling and slots removed at special town council meeting   100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress, November 16, 1912 Yesterday evening the Wyoming Electric Light Improvement Co., turned on the current and for the first time in its history Cowley […]

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From our files: Free cigars for a good healthy smoke given away in 1962

100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress November 1, 1912 Prof. Martin desires to announce that the B.H.A. basketball team is now organized and ready to meet any team between New

Crow Tribe Cultural Director Burton Pretty On Top gives a blessing in four directions during an opening pipe ceremony that was part of the Two Eagles Interpretive Trail dedication Saturday morning.

Cultures unite at Two Eagles Trail dedication

Capping a nearly 10-year process of archaeological and ethnographic study, interpretation, learning, collaboration and, ultimately, preservation, understanding and cultural unity, officials of the National Park Service and the


From our files: “Mastertype” shown at teacher’s convention

100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress October 27, 1912 The Progress, in common with millions of American citizens, is glad that the would be assassin of former President Roosevelt failed

Centennial -1952-Chronicle-Staff

From our files: Weather clerk ‘recalled’ in 1912?

100 years ago Cowley Weekly Progress Oct. 12, 1912 The weather clerk should be called on the carpet and made to give an account of himself. He is treating our farmers


From our files: UW students find housing in their homemade trailer

100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress September 28, 1912 Partial Wyoming Electric Light Improvement Company Ad: How about your light bill? You, who are burning oil lamps, do you


From our files: Big Horn Academy begins fourth year with 80 students

100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress, September 21, 1912 The B.H.A. began its fourth year of school here with a registration of about eighty students, with a large number yet


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Lovell to get airline service?

100 Years Ago The Cowley Weekly Progress, August 10, 1912 The Barnum & Bailey shows in Billings were attended by perhaps the greatest crowd that the

Archaeologist and Bighorn Canyon NRA Field School Director Judson Finley points out the interpretive trail to be constructed later this summer during the June 15 site visit to the Two Eagles site near the Ewing-Snell Ranch.

Collaborative efforts lead to interpretive trail at tipi rings site

Bringing cultural history to life is the goal of a project in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area to interpret a concentrated area of tipi rings south of

Kane general store

Kane Day celebrated Saturday

Contrary to popular belief, the town of Kane has never been under water. Want to learn more about this fascinating community? Or do you have a story or