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Firemen's memorial mural

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11. Newspaper In Education feature with local comments.  

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Lynwood Tall Bull makes a point during the Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain dedication ceremony Friday morning. David Peck photo

Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain dedication

It was the culmination of a process but not the end of the journey. Native American tribes, local and state government officials, federal agency heads and signatories to the

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel landmark gets new boundary

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar this week announced the designation of 14 new national historic landmarks in 11 states and the District of Columbia that have played


History of the Lovell Chronicle

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Lovell’s Main Street once had open irrigation ditches, and stores would put boards across the ditches for their customers, as can be seen in this photograph of (l-r) Ivan Tippetts, Melba Nicholls, Melba’s aunt Helen Scheeler and George Elmer Stevens when the two couples were preparing to leave for their double wedding in Billings in September of 1942.

Lovell…a look back in time

As Lovell’s downtown grows and gains new businesses thanks to the efforts of individual entrepreneurs and Lovell Inc., it might be instructive to remember a time when the


2009 Historical Edition

2009 Historical Edition

  1. Cowley resident Gene Nunn was one of the first to take on wild horse management
  2. Big Horn Canyon was a formidable place for explorers


Remembering Korean War deployment

Take a step inside for stories about the National Guard’s deployment to Korea; two of Lovell’s finest town fathers, Dr. Scott M. Welch and Bill Powell; Lovell

Honoring our Korean War vets

They have a certain quiet dignity about them, our soldiers of past wars, wars fought 60 years ago. Though called the Greatest Generation, they never boast of their