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Patti Carpenter

Rocky students get raw deal

A slap in the face, a lesson in the school of hard knocks, a casualty of well-intended legislation or whatever you want to call it, the students and staff at Rocky Mountain High School got a raw deal this month […]

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David Peck

Our volleyball team made us proud – off the court

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="147" class=" "] David Peck[/caption] Members of the Lovell High School volleyball team were walking in a hallway near the locker rooms at Powell High

Christine Kay Pearson


Sometimes the best examples in our lives come in quiet, unassuming packages.

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179"] David Peck[/caption]

Our community lost a tremendous supporter of our youth

David Peck

Our friend Max will be missed in Cheyenne

[caption id="attachment_7944" align="alignright" width="203"] Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield[/caption] I’ll never forget the first time Max Maxfield visited Lovell. It was a late spring day, maybe even

Bob Rodriguez

Snowfall can bring out the flakes

[caption id="attachment_6617" align="alignright" width="109"] Bob Rodriguez[/caption] Being a native of Southern California’s San Diego, my experience with snow was extremely limited except for driving to higher elevations such

Photo of Christy Fleming

Nature is a place of restoration

  [caption id="attachment_7662" align="alignright" width="228"] Christy Fleming[/caption] When was the last time you took the time to really look at the bark on a cottonwood

Bret Savage

Guest Column: The spirit of the gym is alive

[caption id="attachment_7646" align="alignright" width="231"] Bret Savage[/caption] For the last 25 years I have had a fascination with gymnasiums. I’m pretty sure that alone doesn’t qualify me as a

Christy Fleming
Notes from Bighorn Canyon

Walking a mile, or three, in their footsteps

  [caption id="attachment_7418" align="alignright" width="228"] Christy Fleming
Notes from Bighorn Canyon[/caption] Before Christmas I made my monthly trip to Fort Smith to check on things

David Peck

A year of progress

  [caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179"] David Peck[/caption] This is the issue where we sum up the year gone by with our annual year in review

David Peck

Thankfulness a matter of perspective

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179"] David Peck[/caption] There’s a current trend on the social media site Facebook where folks make a list of things for which they