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Star Trek fun continues with latest film

Who’s your favorite Spock? I ask this question because the latest in the long line of Star Trek movies plays this weekend at the Hyart: “Star Trek Into Darkness.” I could also ask, who’s your favorite Captain Kirk? Or who’s […]

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Bob Rodriguez

Typing class came with strict rules

While working on a recent story and, as per usual, getting my fingers tangled in the keyboard, it dawned on my nearly 70-year-old brain that I’ve been typing

David Peck

Digital conversion at the Hyart is impressive

The thrill of the Hyart Theatre grand re-opening in 2004 can never be topped when it comes to memories of Lovell’s grand movie palace, but I can tell


The big Mayan calendar apocalypse was a dud

by David Peck Well, we survived. The world didn’t end last Friday. The great Mayan Calendar apocalypse was a fizzle. A rogue planet didn’t smash into the

David Peck

Best of the best would beat current wish list

$24. 8 million paid off over 13 years…the proposed sixth-cent specific use is simply too large. This newspaper has always prided itself as a progressive paper, proud to operate


Harvey nomination a victory for county voters

Hats off to the Republican voters of Wyoming House District 26, who saw through the smoke screen put up by challenger Rob DiLorenzo and voted overwhelmingly to re-nominate

David Peck

Be careful as fire conditions worsen

The warnings are coming ominously early. From the Bureau of Land Management in an announcement Monday: “The BLM Wind River/Big Horn Basin District is warning the public that the

David Peck

Taking your turn at the local level

This is the time of year when local citizens play the wait-and-see game for local office. It always seems as if there will be no candidates for town

Superman or Batman?

Who would you want to be? If you could be a superhero, who would you be? [caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="94" caption="David Peck"][/caption] I ask this question since the

David Peck

A bittersweet time in Germany and Lovell

Hearts are breaking in Berlin even as ours are soaring in Wyoming. Such are the mixed emotions that come with the end of our daughter Danielle’s school year