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David Peck

A remarkable season in so many ways

Some say that the calendar date 11-11-11 was lucky, but luck had nothing to do with it Friday as the Lovell Bulldogs simply played good, solid football to dispatch the talented Lyman Eagles 21-13 and win their second state football […]

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David Peck

We honor heroes on two fields this week

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and two groups I always looked up to are in the news this week. When I was a kid, I looked up

Focused in for a remarkable Series game

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179" caption="David Peck"][/caption] Can you be “zoned in” as a fan watching a game on TV? Players can be dialed in as they focus


Confidence in my teams?

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179" caption="David Peck"][/caption] I’m not a very confident sports fan. Never have been. Partly, it comes from being a Wyoming Cowboys fan. With the

David Peck

Football, hoops and Main St. improvements

A little bit about this and that on a perfect autumn day: [caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179" caption="David Peck"][/caption] Football fans who acquired tickets and made the trek

Town mulls how to regulate salesmen

Few people like to be bothered by door-to-door salesmen, but most of us probably don’t mind – and even relish – a visit by a member of the

Moving forward 10 years after 9/11

America lost her innocence 10 years ago this week. [caption id="attachment_407" align="alignright" width="150" caption="David Peck"][/caption] Perhaps we should have seen it coming – the horrific attacks on

Nick Lewis

Solicitors do not represent LPD

Last week our community was inundated with door-to-door solicitors selling many different products. One such product was a home security system. [caption id="attachment_1212" align="alignright" width="201" caption="Nick Lewis"]

Many courageous acts in rescue effort

The word “hero” is bandied about far too freely in our society, it seems. [caption id="attachment_407" align="alignright" width="188" caption="David Peck"][/caption] People describe sports figures as heroes, or

Nick Lewis

Be aware of kids as school begins

By Chief Nick Lewis [caption id="attachment_1212" align="alignright" width="161" caption="Nick Lewis"][/caption] Believe it or not our summer is over and school begins next Monday. Drivers need to pay