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Making a difference: We value our relationship with our readers

Your newspaper staff spent the weekend in Laramie for the annual – the 113th annual!—winter convention of the Wyoming Press Association. During these gatherings, we share stories, compare notes, talk about our papers and go to seminars designed to keep […]

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David Peck

Soaring castles and spirits in Salzburg

The massive fortress in Salzburg towers over the city, much like the nearby Alps that dominate the landscape outside the city. [caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179" caption="David Peck"]

Our Christmas in Berlin was one to remember

Christmas in Germany. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? For us, visiting our daughter in Berlin, it was a dream come true, but it was also nearly an

David Peck

Brett Smith is Wyoming’s Tim Tebow

A few thoughts on a frosty Tuesday night… More about football this week. Sorry about that. But with the Wyoming Cowboys off to the New Mexico Bowl this Saturday

David Peck

The Tebow phenomenon

Tim Tebow. The very mention of his name usually brings an instant reaction. People either love him or hate him, but few will merely shrug their shoulders when

Into the depths of black Friday shopping

What is it worth to you? Would you line up in the cold for hours to get a good price on that special item that you’ve been wanting

Missing Dani at Thanksgiving

Three months ago this week, we put our only daughter on an airplane and sent her off for nine months of studying and living in Berlin. We’ve missed Danielle

David Peck

A remarkable season in so many ways

Some say that the calendar date 11-11-11 was lucky, but luck had nothing to do with it Friday as the Lovell Bulldogs simply played good, solid football to

David Peck

We honor heroes on two fields this week

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and two groups I always looked up to are in the news this week. When I was a kid, I looked up

Focused in for a remarkable Series game

[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignright" width="179" caption="David Peck"][/caption] Can you be “zoned in” as a fan watching a game on TV? Players can be dialed in as they focus