Artist in residence Kathy Lichtendahl at Bighorn Canyon 

Kathy Lichtendahl photo

Kathy Lichtendahl is the final artist in residence for the 2017 season at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The artists come to enjoy the solitude of the canyon, work on their art and share their art with the park visitors.

When asked in September about why she applied and was excited about the opportunity, she simply replied, “As October approaches I am looking forward to my time serving as artist in residence at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The fall is generally a time when things begin to wind down for many and I believe it is a perfect time to enjoy the incredible scenery and changing seasons in the canyon.”

Her goals for her residency are “to hike many miles while I am there and to record much of the landscape and wildlife with my camera. I hope to experiment with different lenses and techniques to create images that go beyond the typical shots of the canyon.”

“We know that Kathy will reach and exceed the goals she has set for herself,” said Christy Fleming, Chief of Interpretation at Bighorn Canyon. “She has already been in the park and took an amazing photo of the Lockhart Ranch. You really have to see it. It is hanging in our artist in residence gallery at the visitor center.”

Lichtendahl is inviting the public to join her on Sunday, Oct. 8, for a short slideshow on photographing water, followed by a hike along one of the area’s trails to practice some of the techniques discussed. Participants should plan to meet at the visitor center at 10 a.m. and bring plenty of water and a sack lunch to eat along the way, and dress for the weather.

This is the last artist in residence program for the season. An announcement looking for next year’s applicants will be posted on the park Facebook page and in local newspapers in November. The park will take applications until Jan. 31, 2018.

For questions about this program or other park programming call the Lovell Visitor Center at 548-5406.