State Speech and Debate | Christensen leads Lovell/Rocky Mountain to third in sweepstakes

The Lovell/Rocky Mountain speech and debate team has once again shown themselves to be among the best in the state with a tie for third place in sweepstakes at the Wyoming State Speech and Debate Tournament March 8-10 in Lander.

Posing with their third place sweepstakes award from the State Speech and Debate Meet March 8-10 in Lander are the Lovell/Rocky speech and debate team. Members of the team are front row (l-r) Niki Mangus, Rylee Barbosa, Kailei Fink, Gena Mader, Hannah Hawley, Zack Custard, back row (l-r) coach Deb Fink, coach Jason Zeller, Duncan Bond, JR Dickson, Anthony Ballard, Dakota Watts, Megan Weinand, Kalley Collins, Justin Dausman, Alecx Christensen and Mariah Mader.
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Lovell/Rocky tied for third in Class 3A with Douglas, coach Deb Fink reported.

Rocky Mountain senior Alecx Christensen excelled at the meet by placing first in the state (all classes) and first in Class 3A in Lincoln-Douglas debate. He also placed sixth in the state and first in 3A in congressional debate, Fink said.

The results gave him all-state status for the state meet.

Christensen also was named best chairman for his chamber in student congress, and he was named one of just five student ambassadors at the meet.

“Alecx is outstanding,” Fink said. “He has a great chance of going to Nationals again. It was fun to listen to other coaches and competitors talk about him and say it was fun to debate him and to compete against him. I nominated him as a student ambassador, and another coach did, too.”

The Lovell/Rocky team did well in debate throughout the meet.

“We did very well in individual rounds,” Fink noted.

Anthony Ballard forged a 3-3 record in Lincoln-Douglas debate, and the first ever Lovell/Rocky policy team of Kalley Collins and Justin Dausman also went 3-3.

The public forum debate team of Gena and Mariah Mader went 2-4 in only their second time debating.

“Some people placed first and second in rounds, and the competition is really stiff,” Fink said. “It’s a long, hard weekend.”

Next up is the Wind River National Speech and Debate Association District Tournament at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs this weekend, March 15-17.

Attending from the local team will be Christensen in student congress, Lincoln-Douglas debate and oratory; Ballard in student congress and Lincoln-Douglas debate and Dakota Watts in drama and humor.

The national meet will be held June 17-22 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Also attending the state meet were Duncan Bond, JR Dickson, Megan Weinand, Niki Mangus, Rylee Barbosa, Kailei Fink, Hannah Hawley and Zack Custard.

By David Peck