Boy Scout leaders launch uniform drive

Two local Boy Scout leaders are seeking the public’s help with a drive to provide uniforms to Scouts who cannot afford them.John Lee Mangus said he and fellow leader Scott Davis attended a recent Wood Badge Leadership Training at the Buffalo Bill Scout Camp, where leaders were encouraged to write five “tickets” with ways to help the Scouts.“We both picked the same thing – trying to get every boy in uniform,” Mangus said. “Studies indicate that when a boy is in uniform he accomplishes more and advances further.”Mangus is asking people to “go into their closet” to see if they can find all or part of a Boy Scout uniform to donate to the local Scouting organization. He said a full uniform can cost $60 to $70 brand new.A person could also support a Scout monetarily to help him purchase a uniform, Mangus said.“The Boy Scouts just celebrated 100 years,” Mangus noted. “They teach great values and espouse God. All of the values they teach are values we all want citizens to have.”Those able and interested in helping the Scouts are asked to call Mangus at 548-7233 or Davis at 250-4745.Mangus estimated that half of the Boy Scouts in the area do not own uniforms.By David Peck