Multiple Lovell students recognized at state art competition

Ryan Fitzmaurice
Lovell High School students found no shortage of success at the Wyoming High School Art Symposium with nine students winning 15 blue ribbons in the competition. 

Mona Jordan came away with ample recognition, winning five blue ribbons in the April 19-21 event in Casper. 

Paige Thomas and Kadie Peterson both won two blue ribbons each. Hugh Carpenter, Cassie Heindl, Mackenzie Johnstone, Sienna Durtche, Parker Anderson and Summer Teter also all took home a blue ribbon. 

Lovell art teacher Tera Kostelecky said there is little display of Wyoming work as breathtaking as the works assembled in the symposium.

“Lovell High School set up over 200 works of art to contribute to the impressive art display. Over 4,000 works went up at the Ford Center from students from all Wyoming high schools. This year, Lovell was represented by 17 high school students,” Kostelecky said. “During these quick few days, they were able to attend several workshops hosted between the Ford Center and Natrona High School in Casper. We also attended a couple art galleries and Casper Discovery Center.”

Jordan said much of the work she had recognized this year were pieces that featured trying more difficult and arduous techniques. 

“I felt like I wanted to challenge myself more this year,” Jordan said. 

Jordan highlighted a stipple drawing of crashing ocean waves that received a blue ribbon this year. Stippling is a drawing technique where an image is produced using nothing but dots.

Kostelecky said many of Jordan’s pieces and other Lovell pieces recognized took months to produce.

For as many students as were recognized, Kostelecky said that there were still many pieces by students that were worthy of recognition but that did not receive a blue ribbon.

“All the work that did ribbon is more than deserving, but we still have a lot of great artists that didn’t get showcased this year like they should have,” Kostelecky said.

Two of those students did receive the spotlight in other ways. Isabelle McKay and Maddie Felkins had their work awarded with the Governor’s First Lady Choices Ribbon. First Lady Jennie Gordon personally picked 25 pieces to
receive the ribbon and reside at the Governor’s residence in Cheyenne for the next year. 

“Isabelle and Maddie’s artwork are unique art deco representations promoting the Wyoming Hunger Initiative,” Kostelecky said. 

 The Wyoming Hunger Initiative is a project started by Jennie Gordon to end food insecurity for children in Wyoming.

 McKay and Felkins  were also recognized with certificates at the
official awards ceremony held at Natrona County High School on April 20  for their work.