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Women learn to make hats 100 years ago

100 Years Ago, Jan. 12, 1923

The Cowley Progress

L.E. McDaniels, our county agent, asks us to make announcement that on Jan. 21 to 24, inclusive, there will be held in this city a three-day millinery school, which has been arranged for by the Extension Service of the University of Wyoming, and at which there will be present a clothing specialist of the University. 

This school will be open to all women who desire to make their own hats, and by consulting Mary L. Welch, who will have charge of the school, you may ascertain just in what building in Cowley the school will be held and what to bring in the way of work materials. It will be possible for them either to make new hats or learn to make over old ones as may be desired.

75 Year Ago, Jan. 15, 1948

The Lovell Chronicle

Byron FHA girls have received some handmade Christmas cards from children in Norway, France, London and Germany, thanking the girls for the Christmas packages they sent to them through the “World Festival of Friendship.” The cards have messages on them written in the children’s own languages. The children range in age from 7 to 10 years.

50 Years Ago, Jan. 11, 1973

The Lovell Chronicle

To the school marm of 50 years ago it would have been something right out of a Buck Rogers comic strip. Educational television, made possible by a satellite orbiting the earth at a distance of some 22,000 miles out in space, was the subject discussed at a meeting held in Lovell Tuesday morning. This is a program aimed at parents and other persons working with children, rather than the children themselves. It will be relevant to the needs of Wyoming people, as determined by needs assessments made earlier. The whole concept is to make the latest educational technology available in even the remotest areas, Bob Morrow, state coordinator for the Educational Technology Demonstration Satellite Project, said.

25 Years Ago, Jan. 15, 1998

The Lovell Chronicle

Superintendent John Hamilton has resigned from Big Horn County School District No. 2 to be effective at the end of his contract on June 30. 

The Lovell Volunteer Fire Department was able to save the home of Diane and Calvin Jewell last Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 7, although there was considerable loss.

10 Years Ago, Jan. 10, 2013

The Lovell Chronicle

Students across the country are combining their efforts to create one million bones out of paper mache to raise awareness about genocide and other atrocities in the world. Nine thousand of those bones will come from the state of Wyoming, and 500 will come from Big Horn County thanks to the efforts of University of Wyoming international studies student Danielle Peck. Peck became involved in the project through the International Studies Club at her college.

Pic: Art teacher Jan Martin’s class made paper mache bones for a project spearheaded by college student Danielle Peck. Participants in the project included (back row, l-r) Kendal Rasmussen, Niquita Mangus, Blake Heindl, Trysten Wilson, Tommy Allen, Chasnee Zeller, Mrs. Martin, (middle row) Ana Nicholson, Maggie Cruz, Trecelle Jolley, AnaMia Davila, (front row) Freedom Rule and Emily Mangus.