From our files: Temperatures plunge to 30 below in 1924

100 years ago, Jan. 4, 1924
The Cowley Progress

The Big Horn Basin banana belt received an awful shock this week with the mercury down to 30 below zero for the entire week. No wonder more people get the California fever every winter.
The regular annual jamboree of the members of the Goose Club met at the home of H.R. Tucker on Monday night and, notwithstanding the frightfully cold weather, a goodly number of members were present and had a good time.
75 years ago, Jan. 6, 1949
The Lovell Chronicle

Fire believed to have started from an oil heater completely destroyed a honey warehouse and storage building at the Elgren Brown ranch southwest of Lovell Tuesday night. The fire was discovered late at night by Paul Bassett, a neighbor living over a mile distant, who called Browns to see what was causing the flames. The fire had gained such headway before they were aware of it that nothing was saved and the building and contents were declared a total loss without insurance. In addition to many valuable items stored in the building it housed the pressure pump and water system for the farm, so there was no water to battle the flames.
50 years ago, Jan. 3, 1974
The Lovell Chronicle

Lovell is one of the first ten communities in Wyoming where Mountain Bell’s program to eliminate 8-party lines will take place. Bob Hoffman, local manager for the telephone company, said that Lovell’s 155 customers who are currently on rural 8-party lines, will receive private, 2-party or 4-party service sometime during 1974.
25 years ago, Jan. 7, 1999
The Lovell Chronicle

Lovell’s new solar street lights on West Main Street have not responded well in recent days to a Wyoming winter, residents and town officials discovered. According to a memorandum from Town Manager Don Richards to the Lovell Town Council and Mayor Kim Jameson written Monday, the solar lights began malfunctioning Thursday evening when a majority of the lights went out. … On Sunday night, no solar lights came on, he wrote.
Lovell Community Development Group Chairman Tracy Beal said he is “not attached to those things” and would not hesitate to recommend changing the lights if things don’t work out. There is extra money available from the original solar lighting grant to do so if needed.
10 years ago, Jan. 2, 2014
The Lovell Chronicle

A petition that has been circulating for several weeks has gathered more than enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot at the next election to create a special museum district. Organizers Karen Spragg and Rich Fink said their proposal was met, for the most part, with positive response from landowners.