Wambeke restores downtown fence of brands in Eagle project

The fence bearing dozens of local brands on the lot directly west of the Hyart Theatre in downtown Lovell has received a facelift thanks to the efforts of Trey Wambeke and his fellow Boy Scout troop members.

In May, Wambeke met with town administrator Jed Nebel at town hall to visit about ideas for his Eagle Scout project. Nebel listed a few things that needed to be done in town and also let Wambeke know that Loretta Bischoff “really wanted her fence repaired and the brands fixed,” according to Wambeke’s mother, Natalie.

Loretta Bischoff (left) was proud to see the fence bearing the brands of many local people restored recently in the Eagle Scout project organized by Trey Wambeke (right).
David Peck photo

“Trey thought that would be a really interesting project to take on,” Natalie said. “We met with Elsie Martens to visit about what needed done. The only thing Loretta wanted was to keep the original brands. Everything else Trey could decide on.”

Trey and his Scout group met at the fence and picked out the larger colorful rocks that he wanted to put back when the project was done. The Scouts carefully took the brand boards off, and then took down the rest of the fence. Trey leveled all dirt and jack-hammered concrete out that had been over-poured. He then put in new posts and built a new, sturdier fence.

“We used a restoration paint to take all the gray off the boards,” mom Natalie said. “He repainted all the brands black, and re-stained the boards. We brought in new gravel and hung the original boards back on the new fence.

“Altogether Trey and all those who helped with this project put in 70-plus hours. Lovell Building Center gave Trey a discount on supplies and donated $100 to his project.”

By David Peck