‘Christmas Carol’ cast preparing for November show

The cast of the community production “A Christmas Carol” is working hard in preparation for the return of the popular holiday play to the Hyart Theatre stage in November, Director Sharon Hall said this week.

“A Christmas Carol” was staged two years ago before large crowds in Lovell and Byron, and the play will run for three nights this year: Thursday, Nov. 21 and Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 25-26, at 7 p.m. each night at the Hyart.

Stan Hedges is reprising his role as Ebenezer Scrooge in the community play “A Christmas Carol” to be staged at the Hyart Theatre on November 21 and November 25-26.

The play will also be staged for local schools and residents of the New Horizons Care Center on November 25 at 1 p.m.

Stan Hedges is returning as Ebenezer Scrooge, and Rebecca Bates returns as Mrs. Cratchit. Most of the rest of the cast is new, Director Hall said.

The play will be narrated by Robyn Asay, and other key performers are Kurt Wheeler as the ghost of Jacob Marley, Ellie Karhu as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Emilie Asay as the Ghost of Christmas Present, Jesse Bassett as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and Jackson Bassett as Fred Holywell.

Bobbie Brown is in charge of painting the set pieces, and Mike McArthur’s Lovell Middle School shop class is building a desk for Mr. Cratchit. Paul Heron is also helping by building some set pieces, Hall said. Evelyn Carter is in charge of makeup and costumes.

“We’ve used the hospitality room at Big Horn Federal for auditions and rehearsals, and we have greatly appreciated that,” Hall said, noting that the Lovell Bible Church has also been generous in offering their sanctuary for a larger rehearsal space.

“The cast has been really good at adapting with limited space,” Hall said. “A lot of the cast is new at acting, but it’s been really fun. It’s great having Stan back. There are some new twists and other little things we’re adding to make it unique to us. It’s the same play, but it’s different.

“It has truly been a pleasure to work with each cast member. They work together wonderfully, and I think we’ve all grown through this experience. Many people have stepped out of their comfort zones to be in this play, but one would never know.”

The script was written by Bryan Baird, adapted from the story by Charles Dickens. The play is being produced by the Masons of Lovell, an adjunct organization of Tri-Mountain Masonic Lodge No. 35 of Lovell.

By David Peck