Commissioners get update on museum expansion

Barbara Anne Greene

A group representing the Big Horn Basin Dinosaur Geoscience Museum, Greybull Town Council and the Greybull Museum appeared before the Big Horn County Commission on January 16.
Nolan O’Neal spoke first, explaining that they were working to get a world class display of local fossil treasures.
“There are three headlines here,” he said. “The first one just sets the stage. This basin has a unique place in history and science.”
He said some of the quarries in the county have produced the world’s most complete, unique and scientifically important fossils and that many locals may not realize this. Thousands of bones discovered in the Howe Quarry in the 1930s went to the Museum of Natural History. The expedition was mainly funded by Sinclair.
Red Canyon Quarry has also been the site of extraordinary finds including the world’s only allosaur nest. It was found on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, as was the Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site.
O’Neal pointed out that the local community doesn’t benefit from the finds as much as they could. There are items on display at both museums that are good and interesting but are bits and pieces.  Having a collection of the full body casts with a high-quality display and description including how they were excavated, the lands and people involved, would be special, he noted.
 A grant will be sought to expand the Greybull Museum to display the dinosaur casts. The building is owned by the Town of Greybull. The group is hoping the county will support the project.
County Engineer Willie Bridges said the county is re-applying for a grant for work on Orchard Bench Road.
Bridges said he has been in contact with the South Big Horn County Water District about the heaves on the highway in the Burlington area. The road was cut in several places to put in water lines.
The engineering department is providing information to Wyo-Ben regarding Davis Lane and Lane 33. Wyo-Ben purchased MI Swaco, which used those roads for operations.
Chris Crosby, representing the Sidon Canal District, discussed the district’s concerns about the culvert at the Road 5 bridge.
In other commission news:
• Linda Harp asked the commissioners for a resolution of support for a grant for a new fire hall for Big Horn County Fire District #2.
• The commissioners had requested that members of the Big Horn County Library Board come to the commissioner meeting and give an update. Three of the board members were able to attend. They were chairperson Julie Brown, Ted Menke and Lea Sorenson. The board is advertising for branch managers in Greybull and Basin.
• Fair manager Cash Duncan gave a department update that included the fair board’s choice for a logo and the upcoming winter carnival.
• Rebecca Bates and Luke Foss were appointed to the Big Horn County Fair Board.