Fire destroys mobile home in Lovell

An overloaded extension cord caused a fire that destroyed a mobile home in Lovell Tuesday, Fire Chief Jim Minchow said.[caption id="attachment_2863" align="alignright" width="312" caption="Lovell volunteer firemen battle the mobile home blaze on Second Street in Lovell Tuesday morning. At the right, Dean Wolvington, Doug Harrison and Kevin Jones work their way into the home. At the left, Jeff Angell and Michael Jameson work to start a fan. David Peck photo"][/caption]The Lovell Volunteer Fire Dept. was called at 11:09 a.m. Tuesday to a home owned by Dale and April Smith at 49 W. Second St., number 38, Minchow said. The home was fully engulfed when firemen arrived, he said.According to an investigation by state fire investigator Richard Emery of Sheridan, the fire started in the southeast corner of the living room, Minchow said, behind a grandfather clock. He said the cause of the fire was an undersized extension cord that overheated, starting the back of the clock on fire. The fire burned up the wall and into the ceiling.Daughter Nicole Smith was home watching TV at the time of the fire. The TV went off, and she went to the back of the house to re-set the breaker, Minchow said. When she returned to the living room, flames had erupted behind the clock. Nicole Smith called in the fire and did what she could to get pets out of the home.Minchow said the family has no insurance and just recently paid off the home. He said the interior of the mobile home was “pretty well gutted,” especially the kitchen/living room area. The rest of the home suffered heavy smoke and heat damage.“It appears to be a total loss,” Minchow said.He said the American Red Cross has been notified for relief and should help with family expenses, along with local church sources.“I feel the guys did a good job fighting the fire,” Minchow added.By David Peck