Fundraiser for Powell girl planned Feb. 24

Nathan Oster

A February 24 fundraiser is planned for a 15-year-old girl from Powell who was recently diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and hard-to-treat form of cancer.
Pazlee Rose Sheeley may not be a familiar name to many, but her family is well known in the Big Horn Basin and particularly in rodeo circles. Cassi Lohr is her mother, and Mike Lohr is her stepfather.
“They are one of the most giving families you will ever meet,” said Shannon Tyra, a Greybull native who currently resides in Deaver. “They are always there when you need them. They don’t complain. And they never ask for anything.”
Tyra has taken it upon herself to spread the word about Pazlee’s condition, how people can donate auction items and view them on the “Kicking Cancer for Pazlee Rose Sheeley” Facebook page in advance of the Saturday, Feb. 24, event, which runs from 5 to 11 p.m. at the Heart Mountain Hall on the Park County Fairgrounds.
Sydney Asay has also started a page, “Support Pazlee’s fight against cancer.”
The fundraisers all use the following narrative to describe Pazlee’s situation:
“Pazlee was experiencing pain since July 2023. We took her to numerous doctors and dealt with a misdiagnosis that took us to Denver’s Children’s Hospital. After a PET scan and numerous other scans, they found a tumor next to her spine. It runs down the right side of her body and is causing nerve pain. She now has no use of her right arm.
“We were then told on Jan. 11, 2024, that our beautiful girl has cancer. We have since had a biopsy and received news that no child or parent should have to hear. Pazlee has Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor (MPNST) Cancer. This type of cancer is rare, aggressive and hard to treat. They usually remove the tumor to get rid of the cancer, due to it not responding to chemo or radiation. Unfortunately, the tumor is too big and cannot be removed.
“We have to try and throw everything at it to shrink it in hopes that it can be removed. On top of all this, we have to start treatment ASAP due to her tumor trying to take over her spine. The doctor said within weeks, Payzlee could be paralyzed from the arms down. Payzlee will start her chemo and radiation Monday in Denver. We will be there for a week and then get to have the other five weeks of treatment in Billings so we can be closer to home and her siblings.”
Tyra said Pazlee’s story has touched the Big Horn Rodeo Circuit community.  Only 15, Pazlee barrel races and is a rodeo queen.
“She’s such a talented girl and she absolutely loves horses,” said Tyra.
Tyra said she’s known the family for about five years. She described Pazlee as a happy person.
“She’s got a soul, and when she smiles, you can see it,” Tyra said, adding, “Her smile will brighten any room and she’s hands down, one of the most cheerful, giving and fun-loving girls I know.”
Tyra said a fundraiser for Pazlee is also planned in Sheridan, where her father Brian Sheeley resides.
The Feb. 24 event in Powell will feature a taco bar and auction, followed by a dance with live music. As of Friday morning, approximately 60 donations had been received. Every auction item will eventually appear on the Facebook page.
“We’re hoping people come out on February 24, show their support and pull together for a family with a history of pulling for others and who would be there for anyone in need,” said Tyra.
An account has been set up at Big Horn Federal for anyone wishing to make direct donations.