Lauren Shumway nominated for two prestigious awards

By Ryan Fitzmaurice

Lauren Shumway has been nominated for cheer coach of the year and an award for distinguished service by the Wyoming Music Educators Association. 

“I work with amazing kids, both as a coach and with my work at the schools,” Shumway said. “I feel blessed and lucky.”

The cheer coach of the year is nominated and voted on by all of the coaches within the division. A coach must be at the helm for three complete school years to qualify.

The distinguished service for music award is given to recognize outstanding service to music education in Wyoming by persons or organizations that are not professional music educators but who have a direct impact on music education and provide support services to the music education community. 

Shumway works as the accompanist for all choirs in the Lovell schools.

“I assist with the band and music performance programs. My direct student involvement is somewhat limited as my main role is to play the piano, however, when requested I help in several other capacities,” Shumway said.  “I often help with sectional rehearsals for the choir and, I provide accompaniment in festival performances for individual students and small ensembles. I am active with rehearsals for music performance and band rehearsals. One thing that I really enjoy is playing the flute and piccolo in the bands at both the middle and high schools.”

Shumway said the most meaningful part of being an accompanist is the connections she’s formed with students.

“I really enjoy my interaction with students. I am grateful for the great rapport that I have worked to establish with them,” Shumway said. “These relationships are the most meaningful and rewarding aspect of my job with the music department.”

As for cheer Shumway praised the cheerleaders’ determination for her success.  Shumway said she makes extra efforts to make sure the program is organized and to remain one step ahead of the rules and requirements of cheer competitions.

“I would refer to everything mentioned above as contributing factors in the success of the cheer program,” Shumway said. “I take practice time seriously and, as a coach, I expect a lot from the athletes. We have fun together, but at the end of the day, the team knows that our goal is to be as competitive as possible at competitions. I try to instill a winning attitude.”

The cheer coach of the year award will be given at the state spirit competition this week. The distinguished service award for music educators winner will be announced in February.