Lindsay signs with Wyoming for track and field

By David Peck

A Lovell High School thrower supreme is taking his talents to the University of Wyoming. Senior Quinn Lindsay signed his letter of intent to compete with the UW track and field team during a signing ceremony Monday evening at LHS.

Lindsay, son of Chad and Lindsay Lindsay, had the opportunity to compete at a variety of colleges and universities in both football and track and field, including Stanford University for track, but he chose to stick with throwing.

“I thought this was the best opportunity for pushing me ahead in life and preparing me for my medical and athletic pursuits,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay will enter a pre-med course of study at UW, majoring in kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming an orthopedic surgeon. He strongly considered Stanford, but felt staying in Wyoming would improve his chances of working in his home state.

He said Montana Tech wanted him to play football up north, but with Wyoming he will get to compete in Division I athletics.

“Track was the better offer,” he said.

Lindsay’s best throws are 58-7 in the shot put for indoor track, a school record, 58-4 in the shot for outdoor track and 182-5 in the discus, also a school record. He also has the furthest weight throw in the history of Wyoming at 62-6 in certain meets, though the weight throw is not an official event for Wyoming track and field.

He said he will very likely compete in the hammer throw in college, as well. He said the discus is his favorite throw, though the weight throw is a close second.

“I’m pumped,” he said of his opportunities to come.

Lovell head coach Joshua Sanders said Lindsay is a special person and competitor.

“I’m not a shot put or discus expert, but for someone as successful as he’s been, it’s his sportsmanship I value,” Sanders said. “He’s humble, and he doesn’t come across as arrogant, which I appreciate because it’s easy to root for someone like that. I notice that the other competitors cheer for him, and they get along with him.”

LHS throwing coach AJ Montanez noted Lindsay’s hard work.

“Hands down, it’s his work ethic,” Montanez said. “He’s the type of athlete where you have to watch what you tell him because he’ll do it to a T. He works too hard sometimes, so you have to reel him back. His work ethic definitely sets him apart. It’s one of the biggest reasons for his success.”

Montanez said through hard work Lindsay has figured out a successful formula.

“To be a successful thrower you have to have a perfect combination of finesse and power, with speed mixed in,” Montanez said. “He has the perfect combination of all three of them. He’s a big dude, long and powerful. He squats well over 500 (pounds) and can power clean well over 300. Those are collegiate marks. And he clocks a 4.7 40 (yard dash).”

“I’m super proud,” mom and indoor coach Lindsay said. “For me it’s been fun, even looking at different schools. And it’s nice to have the tradition of throwers in the family. His dad threw at U Dub, and it’s nice to see it come full circle, following in his dad’s footsteps.”

Besides father Chad, still the LHS record holder in the shot put. Quinn’s uncle Tyler was a collegiate thrower at Southern Utah and Wyoming, as was close family friend and throwing coach Montanez at MSU-Billings. AJ’s brother Michael was also a thrower in high school. Sister Carissa Lindsay, a sophomore at LHS, is a runner and thrower, and sister Celeste, a seventh-grader, is a thrower, jumper and runner who set the Lovell Middle School sixth-grade record in the discus last season.

Lindsay’s throwing coach at UW will be Carrie Lane, and he will essentially have a full ride to college with his combination of athletic and academic scholarships. He will first serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.