Lovell students earn honors at Showalter Music Festival

Middle school musicians from around the Big Horn Basin learned the art of performance before judges at the annual Showalter Music Festival Saturday, Feb. 3, at Northwest College in Powell, earning many ribbons on the day.
Lovell Middle School choir director Carisa French reported the following LMS results:
Vocal – Bostyn Tippetts, Kendra Allen, Weston Hendershot, Connor Grant– I; Petra Jerome, Alynna Monterde, Kaycie Marberry, Eliza Wagner- I+; Brynlee Spanier, Macie Anderson, Gracie Angell, Kinzie Blain – I; Charlotte Beeton - I+; Isabella Martinez, Eliza Wagner– I; Alynna Monterde – I; Isabella Martinez – I; Rylee Mayes, Peyton Hunder, Lilly Henley, Harper Walker, Janelle Asay, Oakley Anderson, Addi Hazen, Riley Henley– I; Eliza Wagner– I; Landon Asay, Brock Butler, Kyson Spanier– I; Laney Felkins, Janelle Asay, Oakley Anderson– I; Rylee Mayes, Riley Henley- I-; Lilly  Henley- I-; Oakley Anderson - II+; Harper Walker, Addi Hazen– I; Janelle Asay - I+; Charlotte Beeton - I+; Kyson Crosby- I+; Weston Hendershot- I+; Isaac Blau– I; Oscar Garcia, Grayson Jolley- I+; Taysen Yates, Zander Stahl – I; Kyson Crosby, Addie Weber, Charlotte Beeton - I+.
Instrumental -- Katie Bullard – 2; Sara Wood – 2; Claire Shumway – 1; Gage Bair – 1; Kelce Winterholler – 1.
Earning Best in Room honors were the vocal trio of Kyson Crosby, Addie Weber and Charlotte Beeton and snare drummer Gage Bair for a solo.