Medicare scams reported across state

Kate Ready
Jackson Hole Daily Via Wyoming News Exchange

JACKSON — A Wyoming cybersecurity organization is warning of fraudsters targeting senior citizens in Medicare scams.
CyberWyoming reported in a weekly press release that an elderly resident in central Wyoming “unintentionally shared her Social Security number and/or Medicare number over the phone.”
The incident occurred late on a Friday afternoon, at a time when banks were closed. Medicare residents should log into their secure Medicare account or call 1-800-MEDICARE to report potential fraud.
The nonprofit also recommended that individuals immediately freeze their credit at all major bureaus to protect against identity theft, report the incident to their bank to secure financial accounts and look up the nearest Social Security Administration office to seek advice on how to protect themselves.
CyberWyoming noted that this incident was not the only scam targeting those with Medicare benefits.
“There have been several Medicare scams reported throughout the state, including ‘We are replacing your paper card with a plastic one’ and ‘Because you are on Wyoming Medicare we are changing the card colors to brown and gold,’ ” CyberWyoming wrote in the Feb. 2 press release. “While these scenarios sound plausible, remember that the real Medicare people won’t ask you for your number over the phone or contact you out of the blue.”
One Jackson retiree responded appropriately when a recent message came in looking like it was from their financial institution, Global Atlantic. The fraudulent email had the subject line “Global Atlantic Annuity Transaction Confirmation.”
“Despite the email appearing legitimate, the client recognized it as a scam and reported it to the annuity carrier,” CyberWyoming wrote.
CyberWyoming emphasized the importance of verifying such communications to prevent financial fraud.