Mental health awareness and resources featured at the Lovell-Rocky basketball games

In an effort to promote mental health awareness and resources, the recent boys basketball game between the Lovell Bulldogs and the Rocky Mountain Grizzlies turned into more than a rivalry game. The game featured mascot themed hand signs that presented mental health statistics and resources, drawing attention to this critical issue in a creative and engaging way.
The highlight of the event was the halftime show emceed by Scott Murphey, director of emergency services at North Big Horn Hospital, a game of “Mental Health Tic-Tac-Toe,” which saw the Rocky Mountain Grizzlies emerge victorious. This playful yet informative segment underscored the event’s theme: mental health matters.
Travis Sylvester, Big Horn County Prevention Specialist, emphasized the significance of the event.
“Bringing mental health awareness to the community in familiar settings like this game increases engagement and support,” he said. “It’s crucial that we discuss these topics openly and where people are most comfortable.”
Krystal Crosby, Community Mental Health Project Coordinator, also reflected on the event’s impact, noting, “The support and recognition for mental health are visibly growing. As we introduce more programs and resources, we want to reassure everyone that mental health improvement is accessible and achievable with the right support and effort.”
Special thanks were extended to Betsy Sammons, principal at RMMHS, for making the event possible.
Shelley Murphey, ER/ Trauma Coordinator at North Big Horn Hospital, highlighted the broader implications of such initiatives.
“Mental health is vital for everyone,” she said. “We’ve noticed an uptick in mental health-related cases at our hospital. Events like these are crucial as they provide an opportunity for proactive community support and engagement.”
This event marks a significant step in normalizing conversations about mental health and ensuring that the community has access to necessary resources and support. The organizers hope to continue this momentum with more events in the future.