Messamer appointed to Lovell Town Council

By David Peck

The Town of Lovell has a new councilman. After much deliberation and consideration – and noting positive qualities about both finalists – the council on Tuesday night voted to appoint Ray Messamer as a councilman during the council’s regular February meeting at the Lovell Community Center.

Mayor Tom Newman announced prior to the vote that, under state law, the appointed councilman will serve for two years, until the next election, and the seat would then be open for election for another two years to balance out the terms on the council.

During a work meeting held Tuesday at noon at town hall, members of the council said they felt good about both Messamer and fellow finalist Keith McIntosh, with Dan Anderson noting, “Both of them are good candidates,” and Newman adding, “We have a choice of two good people.”

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Newman said he had to ask whether either of the two was a felon, and both said no. He then asked if each of them had the flexibility in their schedule to attend the occasional noontime work or special meeting, and both said they did.

“You guys put us in an awkward position, because you’re pretty good,” councilwoman Carol Miller said.

But a choice had to be made, and councilman Bob Mangus made the motion to appoint Messamer to the council. Miller seconded the motion, and it passed 4-0.

“Thank you both,” Newman said. “We really, really appreciate both of your interest.”

Messamer was immediately sworn in and took his place at the council table. McIntosh remained for the duration of the meeting and thanked members of the council for their consideration following the meeting.

Messamer said during an earlier public forum that after living in a variety of communities during his Game and Fish career, he and his wife, Patricia, decided to make Lovell their permanent home upon his retirement. He said he has lived in the area since 1988 and has owned property in town since 1993. He and Patricia raised their four children in Lovell, he said.

He said during the forum that, while he doesn’t have direct experience with municipal government, he does have board experience as a member of the Park County Parks and Recreation Board when he lived in Clark.

McIntosh is the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at BPM Minerals, and he served three years on the Lovell School Board.