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Carroll Whalen opens Terrace Gardens in 1947
10 Years Ago,
May 31, 2012
The Lovell Chronicle
Frankie is not one to boast about the number of tickets he’s written, but sufficient it is that his reputation be known from coast to coast, San Diego to Maine and from Tampa to Washington’s hills. Aye, yes, we will miss you, my friend. You have made our streets much safer, but don’t forget, when you come for a visit you have set the standard, “When in the city limits ya better not exceed what’s posted or yer gonna get toasted.” Have a great and productive retirement, Frankie, and we wish you the very best.
25 Years Ago, June 5, 1997
The Lovell Chronicle
Lovell Elementary students receiving the Presidential Award for Education Improvement are Richard Walker, Kody McClure, Christy Walker, Tiffany Butcher,
Jennifer Richardson, Josh Kister, Christina Undem, Crystal Lohof and Kirra Baxendale.
Pic: Lovell Elementary students receiving the Presidential Award for Education Excellence are (l-r) Chrisandra Smith, Tanner Emmett, Kyle Fink, Thomas Hoffman and Jake Bischoff. Not pictured is Bridget Ferbrache. 
50 Years Ago, June 1, 1972
The Lovell Chronicle
Planned as the Seminary closing social
and held in an open field south of town, the “Mud Bowl” took the cooperation of the Lovell Fire Department, who used their equipment to siphon water out of the ditch for the gooey mess. The same willing workers stood by to hose off the mud bowlers after it was all over.
Pic: What started out as a football game, appropriately dubbed the “Mud Bowl,” ended in a mud-slinging, free-for-all last Friday for graduating LDS seminary students. Here, David Hammond’s expression sums up the pure pleasure of it all. 
75 Years Ago, May 29, 1947
The Lovell Chronicle
Carroll Whalen and his orchestra are announcing the opening this week of Terrace Gardens, outdoor dancing pavilion at Cowley. In addition to the dancing, the gardens will feature tables, which must be reserved in advance. The first dance at the new spot will be held on Memorial Day, tomorrow night.
100 Years Ago, 1922
The Cowley Progress
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