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Marverik opens in 1997 with $1.19 gas

100 Years Ago, Oct. 14, 1922

The Cowley Progress

Charges that “certain representatives of the department of justice” converted to their use large stocks of liquor seized in the enforcement of prohibition laws were made in a special report filed by the District of Columbia grand jury, but at the department of justice, officials indicated that no action was in prospect since the offenses complained of were by “former attaches of a former administration” of the department.

75 Years Ago, Oct. 16, 1947

The Lovell Chronicle

The Lovell Electrical Appliance and Radio Shop, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Armand Bare, has been moved to the Jolley building on Main Street, across from the Armada Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. Bare had been located in the south half of the Lovell Dairy building on North Montana Avenue.

50 Years Ago, Oct. 12, 1972

The Lovell Chronicle

Parents critical of School District No. 3’s hunting policy sought relief Monday night from the board of trustees, but they stayed with the current policy. Under attack was school policy of handing out a zero grade for all classes missed for hunting. Dr. G.W. Ohman, who had taken his son out of class to go hunting with him, asked for a review of the policy. Board members said they had received several calls from other parents with similar requests. LHS principal Grant Goodrich noted the school allows two days each year for hunting, and that any change in the current policy would result in high absenteeism from Sept. 1 through the end of the year.

25 Years Ago, Oct. 16, 1997

The Lovell Chronicle

Lovell’s newest business opened its doors Tuesday when the Maverik Country Store opened for business at 217 West Main. Prices opened Tuesday at $1.19 cash for regular unleaded gas at 85 octane, $1.25 cash for 87.9 octane, $1.33 cash for 88.9 octane and $1.37 cash for premium.

Pic: Employees of the new Maverik Country Store posed for a picture Tuesday. Pictured are (l-r) Milly Robertson, Zita Candelaria, Mary Alice Tew, Malvena Nott (supervisor from Bridger), Robyn  Smith, Linda Yates, Lynn Lundberg, Carol Stewart (area supervisor) and Obern Mayes. Not pictured are Chelle Schwope and Bobbie Rae Sessions.

10 Years Ago, Oct. 11, 2012

The Lovell Chronicle

The twins have paired up, the super heroes have donned their costumes and the Homecoming Olympics champions have been crowned, but there is still lots more to come this week as Rocky Mountain High School celebrates homecoming this week to the theme “Super Heroes Homecoming.”

Pic: Maggie Guenther as Spider-girl and Dalton Banks as Batman were two of the students who joined in the fun on Super Heroes Day Tuesday for homecoming at Rocky Mountain High School.