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Cowley holds ‘hard-times dance’ in 1923

100 Years Ago,
April 20, 1923

The Cowley Progress

The priests and teachers of the Cowley Ward are giving a real old, hard-times dance next Friday night – a hard-times dance in all that the words imply. Dance tickets will be purchasable only with vegetables, wheat, oats and corn, and no one will be allowed to dance unless togged out in real hard-times togs. This promises to be a real jollification, so get ready your vegetables and grain and get in on a good, big time.

75 Year Ago,
April 22, 1948

The Lovell Chronicle

Miss Kathleen Hobbs was honored Saturday on the occasion of her sixth birthday when Miss Mabel Ann Bischoff and Miss Faith Despain were hostesses at a party at the Dick Hobbs home. Sixteen youngsters enjoyed the afternoon of games and were served a delicious lunch.

50 Years Ago,
April 19, 1973

The Lovell Chronicle

The first rescue by the newly organized north Big Horn County Search and Rescue unit took place Monday when a party stranded overnight was found and brought to town. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Fink and daughter Michele and Jack Roth, out for a Sunday afternoon drive in Roth’s passenger car, spent a cold and hungry night near the top of Little Mountain but otherwise suffered no ill effects.

About 1 p.m. Larry Pennell, captain of the Search and Rescue team, was called, and he, by coincidence, knew almost precisely where to start the search. A mock search and rescue had been made the day before. During the exercise, the group had seen the Fink party headed up past the John Blue cabin.

Before the Search and Rescue team, consisting of Pennell, Frank Rohrer, Lynn Morrison, Rex Sprouse, Norman Doerr and John Kinkade, arrived at the vehicle, they met Fink and Roth walking for help. “They apparently tried to turn around,” Pennell said, “and got
high centered. Then somehow the water hose got broken.”

25 Years Ago,
April 23, 1998

The Lovell Chronicle

In a world of hustle and bustle, where change is the constant, something that lasts for 65 years requires a lot of commitment. But lasting is the word for the marriage of Roman G. and Clara May Moncur as they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this last week, April 14, to be exact. Their advice for a long and happy marriage is simple. Always have good communications with each other, care for the welfare of your spouse more than your own, be kind to each other, attend church together and pray together.

10 Years Ago,
April 18, 2013

The Lovell Chronicle

Last Friday evening the Rocky Mountain High School junior class prom was held at the school gymnasium, which was beautifully decorated. The theme of the evening was Midnight Masquerade. Many wore intricate masks.

Pic: Brittly Boettcher and Noah Johnson express their mutual displeasure about having to dance at the “Midnight Masquerade” prom held at Rocky Mountain High School on April 12.